Chris Hemsworth Embodies Hulk Hogan: Wrestling Biopic Update Revealed

Hulk Hogan navigates through unexpected obstacles in biopic journey.

by Noman Rasool
Chris Hemsworth Embodies Hulk Hogan: Wrestling Biopic Update Revealed
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The widely awaited biopic, delving into the intriguing life of wrestling icon Hulk Hogan, and originally slating Chris Hemsworth in the starring role, has hit a roadblock, casting its future into a cloud of uncertainty. Speaking candidly with Chris Van Vliet, Hogan shed light on the complexities and “business glitch” that have seemingly thrown a wrench into the project’s development.

In 2019, the buzz around Hollywood was all about the legendary wrestler's career being projected onto the big screen, with the charismatic "Thor" star, Chris Hemsworth, tipped to personify Hogan. The project, amidst its initial fervor, promised fans an intimate gaze into the life and tribulations of the wrestling superstar.

However, the journey from announcements to action has been anything but smooth. Hogan described a hiccup, citing Netflix missing a pivotal date due to an unspecified business situation, as a key factor that has effectively halted progress.

He mentioned having had to make a strategic decision to “switch gears” at that juncture, even though the script, penned by Scott Silver – renowned for his work on "The Joker" – had returned “amazing” and loaded with potential.

Hogan's Cinematic Preferences

Hogan's taste in cinema, which includes hits like "Scarface" and "The Godfather", suggested the script had resonated deeply with him, making the decision to move on even more bitter-sweet. The wrestling legend didn’t keep his admiration for Hemsworth a secret, admitting that he had always envisioned the actor in his role.

“His birthday is the same day as mine,” Hogan revealed, underscoring a personal connection he felt with the actor. Despite the business snag, Hogan remains optimistic, affirming that the remarkable script and storyline still hold an alluring opportunity.

He expressed hope that the team, including Hemsworth and director Todd Phillips, might reassemble in the future. The potential biopic, which now sees its future dangling precariously, had seemingly stoked excitement not just among fans, but also within the project's team.

Hemsworth himself reportedly found Hogan’s life “so interesting” and “so crazy”, even deeming it potentially “the biggest thing” he might ever be a part of. As the rights to Hogan's life story have shifted and the project finds itself in uncharted territories, fans and insiders alike remain hopeful that the extraordinary tale of the wrestling world’s luminous star will eventually find its way to the silver screen, with Chris Hemsworth donning the iconic handlebar mustache.

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