Booker T Slams Wrestling Reporters, Urges WWE to Ban Critical Journalists


Booker T Slams Wrestling Reporters, Urges WWE to Ban Critical Journalists
Booker T Slams Wrestling Reporters, Urges WWE to Ban Critical Journalists © WWE/Youtube

In a strong rebuttal against wrestling journalists, WWE legend and two-time Hall of Famer, Booker T, has expressed his vehement discontent over the dissemination of insider information, particularly following the unexpected release of Mustafa Ali from WWE.

Mustafa Ali, who was allegedly set to win the North American title at No Mercy, was released on September 21st, notwithstanding his scheduled match against Dominik Mysterio, which had been well-promoted on television. Trick Williams, stepping into the breach, subsequently emerged victorious over Mysterio in a surprise turn of events at the premium live event.

Wrestling journalist Sean Ross Sapp, known for his contributions to Fightful Select, disclosed that Ali was on the verge of capturing a championship title. This revelation further intensified the dissatisfaction among fans and industry insiders, deepening the rift over the handling of behind-the-scenes revelations and their impact on wrestling's dynamics.

Booker T's Blunt Criticism

On his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T minced no words, stating that wrestling journalists divulging backstage information are “killing the business”. Comparing it to revealing the end of a movie, Booker T made a forceful appeal for the WWE to ban journalists who share such insights from their events and locker rooms, identifying them as detrimental to the industry.

“We need to ban guys like this from ever coming into one of their locker rooms or one of their shows ever again...I'm so passionate about that because, dammit, these are the guys that's killing business,” Booker T passionately declared, reflecting a broader tension between wrestling insiders and the journalistic entities covering them.

Ali's sudden exit from the wrestling scene, combined with the revelation of behind-the-scenes information going public, has ignited a heated discourse surrounding the ethics and repercussions of wrestling journalism within the industry.

This contentious debate delves into the broader implications of media coverage on wrestling, sparking discussions on transparency, accountability, and the industry's overall integrity.

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