John Cena Apologizes to WWE Star After Emotional SmackDown Reunion

Past rivalries resurface as Cena addresses old wounds.

by Atia Mukhtar
John Cena Apologizes to WWE Star After Emotional SmackDown Reunion
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John Cena and The Rock, two of the wrestling world's biggest icons, shared a heartwarming moment during the September 15 episode of WWE SmackDown. Their illustrious history in WWE is well-documented, from their headlining bout at WrestleMania 28 to their off-screen controversies.

The SmackDown episode wasn't just marked by Cena's anticipated appearance, but also by a surprise return from The Rock, catching many fans off guard. These two legends first clashed in the squared circle back in 2012 at WrestleMania 28.

The event, dubbed "Once in a Lifetime," witnessed The Rock securing a victory, a decision that Cena found hard to swallow given his constant assurances to fans of a guaranteed win.

John Cena's Candid Reflection

Recalling their history during an episode of The Bump, Cena admitted that he mishandled their initial rivalry, particularly with comments he made about The Rock's transition to Hollywood.

"The approach I took was in the interest of business, but on reflection, it wasn't the most professional," Cena remarked. He also acknowledged that he had made public apologies in the past, but the recent SmackDown episode provided an opportunity to apologize to The Rock personally.

Cena revealed, "We had a brief chat, the first since my public apology. I wanted to ensure he heard my sentiments directly." Highlighting the gravity of their WrestleMania 28 match, former referee Mike Chioda reminisced about Cena's disappointment upon learning he would be losing to The Rock.

Chioda recalled Cena's visible frustration, admitting, "It felt like a tough pill for him to swallow." However, time appears to have mended the rift between these two wrestling titans. Cena's recent words were filled with gratitude, saying, "It was truly special reconnecting.

Seeing him again was like reuniting with an old friend." It's evident that both legends have put past grievances behind them, focusing on the mutual respect they share for one another.

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