Ex-WWE Giant Slaps Edge Post-AEW Show; Rated-R Superstar Reacts!


Ex-WWE Giant Slaps Edge Post-AEW Show; Rated-R Superstar Reacts!
Ex-WWE Giant Slaps Edge Post-AEW Show; Rated-R Superstar Reacts! © Noah Nation Wrestling/YouTube

Following an unforgettable entrance at AEW's WrestleDream 2023, Adam Copeland, formerly known as Edge in WWE, took center stage during Dynamite's 4th Anniversary special. His debut stirred the pot, and he certainly isn't in AEW to make friends.

At the forefront of this new tension stands Christian Cage, a familiar face from Edge's past. The surprise twist came when Edge sided with Sting and Darby Allin during the pay-per-view, stepping in to fend off Christian's allies, Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne.

Addressing the buzzing AEW universe, Copeland, during Dynamite's main event, questioned Christian's decision to target wrestling legend Sting with a devastating Con-Chair-To. Reflecting on their shared past, Edge reminded Christian of their mutual respect for Sting, hinting at a potential ulterior motive for Cage's recent actions.

Edge's Unity Plea

In what seemed like an appeal for unity, Edge warned Christian about the impending betrayal from Wayne and Luchasaurus. Suggesting that Cage's allies were only using him for his knowledge, Edge proposed a reunion, urging the duo to reclaim their spot at the pinnacle of the tag team division.

Just when the air was thick with anticipation of a potential reunion, Christian, in a shocking twist, rebuffed Edge with a stinging "Go F Yourself" and retreated backstage. But the drama was far from over. Luchasaurus, flanked by Nick Wayne, emerged, locking eyes with Edge in an intense standoff.

For the audience glued to their screens, the broadcast concluded with this gripping face-off. However, behind the scenes, the drama escalated. Luchasaurus, the towering former WWE sensation, took it upon himself to give fans a teaser of what's in store for next week's Dynamite Title Tuesday.

Without warning, he landed an open-handed slap on Edge. But the veteran, Copeland, wasn't about to be upstaged. He retaliated with a swift spear, taking down both Luchasaurus and Wayne, leaving the live audience roaring in approval.

As the countdown to Dynamite Title Tuesday begins, fans can only wonder what surprises lay in store. With the tension escalating, the promise of action-packed encounters looms large.

Edge Aew

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