Jake Roberts: WWE Releases Reflect Easier Past in Wrestling


Jake Roberts: WWE Releases Reflect Easier Past in Wrestling
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In a landscape recently rocked by significant shifts, WWE astonishingly released more than 20 superstars last month. Some of the notable names included Matt Riddle, Elias, Dolph Ziggler, Mustafa Ali, Shelton Benjamin, and Emma, along with several budding talents from the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

This strategic upheaval led to an outpouring of supportive messages from various quarters of the wrestling community, with encouragement focusing on navigating through the independent circuit to attract attention from prominent promoters.

This week, wrestling icon and WWE Hall of Famer, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, echoed those sentiments on his podcast, "The Snake Pit." Lending a seasoned perspective, Roberts consoled the released athletes, urging them to perceive this not as a full stop but a comma in their careers.

Exploring Beyond WWE

Roberts didn’t name-drop but offered a veiled reference to the likes of Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre, both of whom revamped their careers post-WWE. He accentuated that wrestlers now, unlike ever before, have an abundance of platforms to sustain their limelight even without being tethered to a colossal promotion like WWE.

By leveraging these opportunities, they can either re-enter the WWE radar or explore options with alternative promotions, such as AEW or IMPACT. Expressing a dose of seasoned optimism, Roberts emphasized, "Guys, start over, man.

I guess it was a lot easier for me because back in my day, we started over every time we moved from territory to territory. So, you had to learn how to fit in. Well, there's still a place for you guys in wrestling — it's just not with WWE.

Look around you, you'll see what I'm talking about. You'll get it." The industry buzz suggests that Ziggler and Benjamin, currently in their 90-day non-compete periods as per their WWE contracts, could be advantageous acquisitions for AEW.

Their experience and skill could weave into AEW's eclectic tapestry, providing a new chapter in their wrestling narratives while enriching the promotion’s roster. The ensuing months will unveil whether these seasoned wrestlers will find new arenas to showcase their prowess, reaffirming Roberts' belief that there’s life beyond the WWE stage.

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