Brock Anderson Picks WWE Star Over Hall of Fame Dad Arn as Favorite Wrestler

Wrestling scion Brock Anderson shares unexpected childhood idol

by Noman Rasool
Brock Anderson Picks WWE Star Over Hall of Fame Dad Arn as Favorite Wrestler
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Brock Anderson, the son of the legendary WWE Hall of Famer and Four Horsemen creator, Arn Anderson, has revealed that his favorite wrestler while growing up wasn't his famous father. In a recent episode of the "ARN" podcast, Brock shared the intriguing story behind his wrestling idol.

Despite being the son of a wrestling icon, Brock admitted that he didn't have the opportunity to witness much of his father's in-ring career firsthand. His father, Arn, delivered his emotional retirement speech on an episode of "WCW Nitro" in August 1997, when Brock was just a mere six months old.

This pivotal moment in Arn's career went unnoticed by young Brock, as he was still an infant at the time. Brock, who has since made appearances alongside his father in AEW, confessed that he had never seen his dad wrestle live.

His first significant exposure to the world of professional wrestling occurred during WrestleMania 18 when Arn Anderson made a memorable interference in Ric Flair's match against the Undertaker. It was at this moment that Brock realized his father had a significant role in the grand spectacle of wrestling.

Brock's Wrestling Epiphany

However, despite the family connection, Shawn Michaels, known as the 'Heartbreak Kid,' held the position of Brock's all-time favorite wrestler. Brock fondly recalled his admiration for Michaels, emphasizing that Michaels' match against the Undertaker at WrestleMania 25 had a profound impact on his wrestling aspirations.

He vividly remembered being spellbound by their performance and the electric connection they had with the audience. It was during this iconic match that Brock decided he wanted to pursue a career in professional wrestling. At WrestleMania 18, Brock was merely six years old, but his mature appearance often leads people to assume that he was older at the time.

This misconception has led to the belief that his father, Arn, was his favorite wrestler during his formative years. Brock Anderson's revelation sheds light on the unique path he has taken in the world of wrestling, inspired by his unexpected favorite wrestler, Shawn Michaels.

Despite his father's legendary status, Brock is carving his own path in the wrestling industry, driven by his passion and the indelible impact of WrestleMania 25's epic encounter.