Mick Foley Lauds WWE Star's Bold Step, Sees Great Potential


Mick Foley Lauds WWE Star's Bold Step, Sees Great Potential
Mick Foley Lauds WWE Star's Bold Step, Sees Great Potential © WWE/YouTube

In the dynamic world of "WWE SmackDown," rising star Shotzi is catching more than just viewer attention. Legendary Mick Foley is firmly in her corner too, championing both her in-ring prowess and the personal motivations behind her recent transformations.

Recently on "WWE SmackDown," Shotzi unveiled a drastic change in appearance – she chopped off her locks. While WWE may have capitalized on this by integrating it into her narrative conflict with Bayley, the deeper sentiment behind the decision is one of solidarity.

"She did it to stand with her sister, currently undergoing chemotherapy in her fight against cancer. That's a brave and commendable decision," Foley shared on his podcast "Foley Is Pod."

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Mick Foley, known for his critical and often insightful takes on the sport, isn't just in awe of Shotzi's personal choices.

He's genuinely impressed with her as a performer, even hinting at wanting her to emerge victorious in the Royal Rumble a few years back. Such a win, according to Foley, would've solidified WWE's trust in Shotzi's mettle and charisma as a leading figure in the ring.

The wrestling veteran didn't stop at just the accolades. He voiced some concerns too. "I've always been puzzled about why they decided to take away her tank. She had so much potential with it," Foley lamented. But he quickly added, "Looks like WWE's realizing that now, and I’m excited to see where they take her." In Foley's eyes, the "Blackheart" moniker fits her perfectly, and while the name Shotzi might have its own charm, it's her undeniable potential that stands out.

"There's an incredible future awaiting her," Foley concluded, encapsulating the sentiment of many WWE enthusiasts. With endorsements from industry stalwarts like Mick Foley, Shotzi's journey in WWE is bound to be an exciting one, and fans are eagerly watching.

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