Jake 'The Snake' Roberts: Why He Shunned Tag Team Matches

Wrestling's unpredictability magnified in Roberts' tag team critique.

by Atia Mukhtar
Jake 'The Snake' Roberts: Why He Shunned Tag Team Matches
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Jake "The Snake" Roberts, a living legend in the world of professional wrestling and a WWE Hall of Famer, has seen and experienced it all in the squared circle. From high-octane Lights Out matches to intense Strap matches, Roberts has tackled them all with unmatched prowess.

However, in a surprising revelation, there's one format that Roberts isn't too fond of: tag team matches. This is a surprising stance, especially considering he has partnered with wrestling royalty such as The Undertaker in the past.

On a recent episode of his widely followed podcast, "The Snake Pit," Roberts provided fans with an insight into his aversion to tag team bouts. He stated with utmost clarity, "I've never been a fan of tag team matches. I detest being in them.

With too many players in the ring, it gets convoluted. Ideally, only one person, the leader, should be doing the thinking. The rest? Well, they can afford to relax."

Tag Team Turbulence

Roberts further elaborated on the challenges, highlighting scenarios when a set game plan, simple as "ABCD," goes awry.

He lamented situations when, after tagging out, the incoming wrestler would completely deviate from the set trajectory, turning the match's narrative on its head. His contention is that tag team matches, given their unpredictable nature, demand double the effort than solo encounters.

For those tracking Roberts' illustrious career, a little-known fact might be his brief stint as a tag team champion. He won the World Class Championship Wrestling Six-Man Tag Team Championship back in 1984. However, despite this, tag team matches were never his favored format.

Interestingly, the last time the wrestling community saw him in such a bout was at a CWE Live Pro Wrestling event in August 2018. For fans and enthusiasts, these revelations provide a unique look into the mind of one of wrestling's most enigmatic and iconic figures.

The world now waits, eager to hear more from "The Snake" on his experiences and perspectives on the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling.

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