John Cena and Kurt Angle: A Missed Iconic Rivalry?


John Cena and Kurt Angle: A Missed Iconic Rivalry?
John Cena and Kurt Angle: A Missed Iconic Rivalry? © WWE/Youtube

In a particularly compelling and introspective moment during a recent episode of the Kurt Angle Show podcast, the wrestling legend delved into the wealth of “what-ifs” and speculative narratives that permeate the sport’s history.

Specifically, Angle’s reflections upon his own career trajectory triggered discussions of historical significance in WWE, notably highlighting a pivotal moment back on June 27, 2002. On this unforgettable night, an ambitious John Cena responded to his open challenge, marking a seminal event in the wrestling universe as Cena made his audacious introduction to WWE’s fan base.

Indeed, subsequent to this impactful introduction, Cena and Angle would engage in multiple thrilling encounters, partaking in numerous singles matches, especially through the years of 2005 and 2006. Interestingly, as Cena’s star power burgeoned and he began emerging victorious more frequently due to his strategic positioning as WWE’s emerging pinnacle prospect, the dynamic between the two shifted.

Yet, their interactions were abruptly truncated following Angle’s departure from WWE in 2006.

Unseen Epic Rivalries

Peering through the lens of retrospective contemplation during the podcast, Angle mused over theoretical scenarios, particularly pondering how the wrestling tapestry might have evolved had he remained with WWE.

With a tinge of nostalgic yearning, he expressed a belief that his wrestling journey would have encompassed many more clashes with Cena, while also envisioning Eddie Guerrero and Brock Lesnar as predominant rivals. “Cena or Brock Lesnar - one of the two would undeniably have been there, without a shred of doubt.

And assuming Eddie Guerrero was still with us, I genuinely think Eddie would have been my most monumental, storyline or however one might label it,” Angle reflected. Exuding admiration and respect, Angle also bestowed accolades upon Cena for his exemplary evolution and improvement as a wrestler over the years.

The seasoned wrestler articulated, “He improved 1,000%. Observing him even in 2005, he was unequivocally 100 times better than in 2003. All I hoped was that he’d persistently improve." He continued, almost wistfully, to note that, paradoxically, Cena's pinnacle work materialized post his 2006 departure, particularly highlighting the period from 2010 to 2013 as the epoch wherein Cena genuinely flourished.

“But,” Angle conceded, “he was still pretty damn good”. This introspective journey through Angle's mind provides both wrestling enthusiasts and industry analysts with a poignant glimpse into the myriad of untold stories and unseen rivalries that, although unmaterialized, continue to tantalize and enchant the imaginations of WWE’s global fandom.

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