Bryan Danielson Opens Up About Battling Depression


Bryan Danielson Opens Up About Battling Depression
Bryan Danielson Opens Up About Battling Depression © Sports Illustrated/YouTube

In an earnest revelation, renowned professional wrestler Bryan Danielson divulged his ongoing battle with depression during a recent appearance on the "Getting Over" podcast, shedding light on the often-veiled mental health struggles within the high-octane world of professional wrestling.

Danielson, widely recognized as "The American Dragon," navigated the conversation toward his inner trials, elucidating that, despite the exterior robustness, his internal battle is often a challenge to manage amidst the vigorous lifestyle of the sport.

Intriguingly, when asked about hypothetical bouts with WWE's heavy-hitters Ilja Dragunov and GUNTHER, he was circumspect, noting that since his signature is inked with AEW, such encounters remain in the realm of improbability.

Balancing Act: Wellness

In a deeper dive into his psychological wellbeing, Danielson illustrated the precarious balancing act of maintaining mental health while navigating the intricacies of professional wrestling schedules and dynamics, "Working around commercial breaks and dealing with abrupt time cuts in matches are only a few instances that have impacted my health," he expressed.

He articulated a strategy where he consciously steers clear of reality-based focus, protecting his mental state from potential triggers by not clinging to hypothetical scenarios like dream matches under distinct circumstances, especially those unbridled by commercial interventions and tight match timelines.

Reflecting on his WWE tenure, Danielson conveyed, “I was very content in WWE, yet my mindset wasn’t as engaged and in the moment as it is presently, which unequivocally elevates the overall appreciation of your life”.

This introspective wrestler pinpointed the onset of melancholic feelings, emphasizing that his highest zenith of happiness is achieved while competing. Remarkably, depressive thoughts are held at bay until the subsequent day, once the late-night matches conclude, and the adrenaline cascades have subsided, “I never experience depression when I’m in the ring — ever." Danielson’s candid discussion extends beyond the podcast, as he has previously been open about his mental health struggles on the reality TV show "Total Bellas."

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