WWE Legend Lauds Tiffany Stratton

Rising WWE Starlet Tiffany Stratton Undeterred by Loss

by Noman Rasool
WWE Legend Lauds Tiffany Stratton
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In a pulsating showdown last Saturday at NXT No Mercy in Bakersfield, California, rising WWE star Tiffany Stratton stepped into the ring for what has been arguably dubbed the pinnacle match of her burgeoning career. Engaging in a brutal battle with Becky Lynch for the coveted NXT Women’s Championship, Stratton, despite not reclaiming her title, demonstrated why many deem her future within the WWE to be luminous.

The Extreme Rules Match witnessed Stratton and Lynch not only grapple fiercely within the four corners of the ring but also extend their physical altercation into the spectator domain. A vivid tableau of kendo sticks, chairs, tables, and peculiarly, dolls, were enlisted as weapons throughout the bitter struggle, reflecting the lengths to which these athletes were willing to venture to secure victory.

Ultimately, Lynch executed a devastating Manhandle Slam atop a precarious pile of chairs to secure her win.

Stratton's Bold Proclamation

Post-match, a resilient Stratton declared her intentions of scaling the WWE ladder to emerge as a future WrestleMania main eventer, a proclamation many are apt to believe given her palpable dedication and swift ascendancy at merely 24 years of age and with a mere two-year tenure in the WWE.

Previously, in the weeks punctuating the run-up to Lynch usurping the NXT Women’s Title from Stratton on September 12th, the two engaged in a compelling back-and-forth, which was vividly encapsulated in their word exchange during a backstage interaction at WWE Payback last month.

Stratton’s backstage prowess has not gone unnoticed, as revealed in an intimate discussion with WrestleRant’s Graham “GSM” Matthews. The future hall-of-famer, Paul Heyman, heralded Stratton for maintaining a dominant presence even whilst juxtaposed with a formidable talent like Lynch.

“He said that I did a really good job in my backstage with Becky with holding my own,” shared Stratton. Despite her youth and relative inexperience, Stratton continues to carve out a name for herself, epitomizing an emboldened spirit ready to embrace whatever opportunities the WWE main roster will unfold before her in the future.

A sentiment that is seamlessly woven into her statement: “Yeah, it’s definitely a little reassuring for sure to know that they have been putting me on Raw and giving me backstages here and there. It’s definitely been reassuring and I’m really excited [for] when I get called up. I hope it’s soon, but whenever it’s right, I will be ready”.

Tiffany Stratton