Tommaso Ciampa talks about DIY reunion on WWE Raw

WWE's dynamic duo makes a surprise Monday Night Raw return

by Noman Rasool
Tommaso Ciampa talks about DIY reunion on WWE Raw
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In a surprising turn of events, Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano, known collectively as DIY, made a sensational reunion appearance on WWE's Monday Night Raw, leaving fans ecstatic. This unexpected reunion brought back memories of their tag team's immense popularity during NXT's black and gold era, where they achieved both individual and collective success.

The story of DIY took an intriguing twist in recent times. After their final match together at WarGames 2021, Johnny Gargano took a hiatus from wrestling to support his pregnant wife, while Tommaso Ciampa took the helm in the revamped NXT 2.0.

Despite both stars finding their way to Monday Night Raw, they had seen minimal interaction until this remarkable reunion. The unforgettable moment occurred on October 2nd, as Johnny Gargano rushed to the aid of his long-time friend, Tommaso Ciampa, who was under assault by Imperium.

As DIY executed their signature moves in unison, the crowd erupted with excitement, taking Ciampa by surprise.

DIY Reunion Reception

In an interview on After The Bell, Tommaso Ciampa expressed his astonishment at the crowd's overwhelming response, given that there had been no prior hints of a reunion.

He reflected on DIY's lack of presence on the main roster, with only a few matches several years ago and no significant mention of their tag team. Ciampa emphasized the significance of the crowd's "DIY" chants and the warm reception they received, despite the absence of any build-up or promotion.

He acknowledged the crowd's recognition of their history as a tag team and the resonance of the "DIY" chant. The unexpected reunion came much later than originally intended. A recent report revealed that plans for DIY's reunion were in motion as far back as June, but circumstances led to the delay.

As Ciampa and Gargano make their presence felt on Monday Night Raw, fans eagerly await what lies ahead for DIY. With the potential for backstage promos, entertaining interactions, and matches that showcase their chemistry, the DIY reunion has the potential to become a major storyline, drawing on the nostalgia and success of their NXT days. Only time will tell how this unexpected twist will unfold on the main roster.

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