Mysterio Scrambles for LWO Reinforcements Ahead of Fastlane 2023


Mysterio Scrambles for LWO Reinforcements Ahead of Fastlane 2023
Mysterio Scrambles for LWO Reinforcements Ahead of Fastlane 2023 © moa/YouTube

Veteran WWE United States Champion Rey Mysterio is plunged into a critical decision-making situation, as he meticulously scouts for a pivotal replacement in the Latino World Order (LWO) to square off against Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits at the much-anticipated Fastlane 2023 event.

Mysterio, with a laudable 30-year wrestling tenure, is sure to leverage his rich network of allies and professional acquaintances to reinforce his team after the unfortunate sidelining of LWO members Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro.

Carlito Caribbean Cool, the former WWE Intercontinental Champion, emerges as a compelling choice, given his recent robust return to the WWE where he provided significant backup for Bad Bunny and the LWO at Backlash 2023.

Carlito, who boasts a previous United States Championship reign, not only showcased an exceptional physical form but also reignited the flame of his WWE presence. His May return has already set the digital world abuzz, garnering an impressive 3.6 million views on YouTube, thereby making him a viable contender to join Rey Mysterio at Fastlane, potentially skyrocketing viewership and engagement.

WWE Superstar Dragon Lee could also potentially answer the call to action, bringing his remarkable high-flying skills to the melee. With recent victories, such as his triumph over Austin Theory on SmackDown’s October 6, 2023 episode, Lee's star is undoubtedly in ascension.

Transitioning from NXT to becoming a regular feature on Friday Night SmackDown, the luchador, who holds immense respect for Mysterio, could infuse an electrifying energy into the impending six-man tag team match, offering fans a spectacle of dynamic in-ring action.

Mysterio's Tactical Dilemma

Veteran wrestler Savio Vega, familiar to fans as the leader of the Attitude Era's Los Boricuas, may also emerge from the shadows as a nostalgic yet formidable force. Notwithstanding his age of 59, Vega has remained an active and charismatic presence in Puerto Rico's International Wrestling Association since his WWE departure in 1999.

His recent one-off appearance at Backlash 2023 displayed his unwavering willingness to engage in the physical theatrics of wrestling, reinforcing the potential for a stunning re-entry into WWE television after nearly a quarter of a century.

As the world tensely awaits Mysterio’s strategic decision, these possible contenders for the replacement slot are not only tactically advantageous but are also certain to amplify viewer anticipation, crafting a narrative of suspense and unexpected alliances on the road to Fastlane 2023. May this collision of titans in the ring bring forth a match that will be etched into the annals of WWE history.

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