CM Punk advised to talk directly to Vince McMahon for WWE return

CM Punk's AEW Departure Sparks WWE Return Speculation

by Noman Rasool
CM Punk advised to talk directly to Vince McMahon for WWE return
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CM Punk's abrupt exit from AEW left the wrestling world in shock. The turmoil unfolded during a backstage altercation at the illustrious Wembley Stadium, coinciding with the imminent All Out event slated for his hometown of Chicago.

However, within a week, Punk found himself released from his AEW contract, a surprising move given the impending spectacle in Chicago. Speculation immediately ran rife that WWE, the promotion where Punk had previously achieved fame as an AEW and WWE World Champion, might seize the opportunity to welcome him back into their ranks.

This buzz grew louder, especially with this year's Survivor Series scheduled to unfold in The Windy City. Some pundits even went so far as to dub Punk a "safe bet" for inclusion in the show's lineup. The question on everyone's mind was whether WWE's top brass, specifically Vince McMahon, harbored any interest in a CM Punk return.

A fresh report from Fightful Select now sheds light on the potential process Punk may be pursuing for a WWE comeback. Surprisingly, up until just two weeks ago, it appeared that no substantive talks had occurred between Punk and WWE.

However, recent developments suggest that Punk has initiated inquiries to gauge WWE's interest.

McMahon's Past Reluctance

Notably, a WWE employee reportedly broached the subject with a confidant of Punk, offering the suggestion that Punk should engage directly with Vince McMahon on the matter.

It's worth noting that in the past, McMahon had been apprehensive about the idea of bringing back his former titleholder, even when pressed by executives from Fox to make such a move prior to Punk's AEW venture. However, if a deal were to materialize, it appears that CM Punk would have some backstage bridges to mend from his previous stint in WWE.

The wrestling world eagerly awaits any further developments in this intriguing saga, with eyes fixed firmly on the possibility of Punk making a return to the company that helped elevate him to stardom. As Survivor Series approaches, the anticipation and speculation surrounding this potential comeback only continue to intensify. Stay tuned for more updates as this story unfolds.

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