Who Is LWO's Mystery Partner at WWE Fastlane?


Who Is LWO's Mystery Partner at WWE Fastlane?
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As we steer towards the WWE Fastlane premium live event, a suspenseful twist has spiced up the anticipated six-man clash involving the newly-formed heel stable of Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits. Initially, the stage was set for Rey Mysterio, Santos Escobar, and a third LWO faction member—either Cruz del Toro or Joaquin Wilde—to engage in a fierce contest.

However, a strategic, albeit violent, move last night on "WWE SmackDown" saw Lashley and The Street Profits successfully sideline del Toro and Wilde, paving the way for a surprise, and undeniably exciting, mystery partner to step into the spotlight.

A revelation from PWInsider throws the wrestling community into a whirlwind of excitement and nostalgia, reporting that former WWE star, Carlito, is poised to join forces with Mysterio and Escobar against Lashley, Angelo Dawkins, and Montez Ford.

Carlito, who earlier this year left a lasting impression with his cameo at Backlash in Puerto Rico, had reportedly re-signed with the company during the summer, sparking speculations and whispers about his reintegration into WWE narratives that have now seemingly come to fruition.

Carlito's Potential Return

Renowned for his impactful full-time performance in WWE until 2010, which included a tag team act with his brother Primo and a notorious mid-2000s stint as a singles heel sparring with big names like John Cena, Ric Flair, and The Big Show, Carlito’s potential return begs the question: Is he slated for a full-time resurgence in the LWO post-WWE Fastlane? Carlito, who also boasts having clinched both the US and Intercontinental Championships in separate instances, ushers in a blend of seasoned expertise and fan-favorite nostalgia to the LWO faction.

However, the extent and nature of his involvement, particularly whether it translates to a permanent spot within the LWO, remain concealed in ambiguity as PWInsider’s report does not delve into those depths. As the WWE universe peers keenly into the imminent Fastlane event, Carlito’s potential involvement not only shakes the table but also intriguingly aligns the stars for an electrifying encounter, injecting a fresh yet familiar vitality into the unfolding drama that is sure to lure both loyal and new spectators to the edge of their seats.

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