Will Triple H Bring Back Released WWE Star After Unexpected In-Ring Return?


Will Triple H Bring Back Released WWE Star After Unexpected In-Ring Return?
Will Triple H Bring Back Released WWE Star After Unexpected In-Ring Return? © WWE/YouTube

In the wake of Paul "Triple H" Levesque assuming reins over WWE's creative direction, there’s been a discernible shift in the wrestling entertainment space. A striking note, amongst others, has been his stance on re-hiring talents previously let go, navigating a fan-centric approach that not only fortifies WWE's global hold but also fuels substantial buzz in the wrestling community.

One name currently enveloping the fan’s rally cries is Australian pro-wrestler, Cassie Lee, famously known in WWE circles as Peyton Royce. Having been an integral part of WWE for almost six years, Lee, alongside Billie Kay, championed the Women's Tag Team title under the vivacious moniker, The IIconics.

Their unexpected release in April 2021 sent ripples through the WWE fraternity, subsequently finding a brief haven in Impact Wrestling. After a poignant hiatus, Cassie recently marked her in-ring return on October 6 with World Series Wrestling, teaming with AEW’s Harley Cameron to clinch victory over The Rebellion's Jessica Troy & Lena Kross.

This ignited a fervent call across social media, where fans vociferously urged Triple H to consider a well-timed rehiring of the 30-year-old Australian star.

Cassie's Auspicious Return

Cassie's return could unfurl a cascade of opportunities for WWE, particularly given the impending Elimination Chamber 2024 in Australia, potentially offering a poetic platform for her WWE re-entry.

Though her former IIconics partner, Billie Kay, is unlikely to rejoin the fray soon due to her pregnancy, Cassie’s solo comeback could still harness significant draw, especially considering the reported feature of Australian stars like Rhea Ripley, Grayson Waller, and Bronson Reed in the event.

WWE is currently basking in arguably one of its most vibrant phases in recent years, with Triple H’s astute creative acumen paving the way for stellar live events and a skyrocketing fan engagement, expected to cascade through to Elimination Chamber next year and beyond.

A speculative cherry on top involves potential appearances by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, yet to be substantiated despite his sporadic TV spots. Nonetheless, the vociferous call for Cassie Lee's return perpetuates, underscoring a pivotal moment for Triple H to solidify WWE’s progressive trajectory by potentially bringing back a fan-favorite talent.

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