WWE Hall of Famer Prefers AEW Collision to Dynamite: Why?

Exploring behind-the-scenes with a wrestling legend’s insightful journey.

by Atia Mukhtar
WWE Hall of Famer Prefers AEW Collision to Dynamite: Why?
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In the gleaming corridors of professional wrestling, where the lights shimmer on the sweat of athletes and storylines intertwine with brutal choreography, there exist distinct behind-the-scenes cultures, unique to each wrestling program.

One legend of the arena, WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam (RVD), recently unmasked a peak behind the curtain, delineating the divergent atmospheres of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) shows 'Collision' and 'Dynamite' Appearing on his podcast, '1 Of A Kind', the vaunted fighter illuminated his preference for 'Collision', painting it as a relatively serene haven compared to its counterpart, 'Dynamite'

RVD mentioned a conspicuous absence of some of his notable peers like Mark Henry and Chris Jericho during 'Collision', yet he experienced a palpable, lighter energy permeating the environment. "It seemed calm, easygoing, everybody seemed to be in a good mood," reflected Van Dam, who placed his vote on 'Collision' as embodying a smoother and more affable energy.

Comparing Wrestling Magnates

Dipping his toes in the pool of comparatives, RVD extended his reflections to the executive environments sculpted by wrestling magnates: Vince McMahon (WWE), Eric Bischoff (WCW), and Tony Khan (AEW).

The veteran wrestler has historically navigated through these diverse corporate waters and recently shared his navigational insights during an exclusive chat with Bill Apter for Sportskeeda Wrestling. Van Dam characterized McMahon as radiating an aura of intimidating power, while Bischoff seemed more like “one of the boys”, embodying a level of peer-relatability.

Interestingly, RVD described Tony Khan, despite his pivotal position at AEW, as "extremely humble" and "very kind". Khan, per RVD's account, navigates through the wrestling world not from a pedestal of superiority, but with a demeanor that is appreciative and perhaps even fan-like in its enthusiasm and respect for the industry and its stars.

In these reflections, the wrestling superstar doesn’t just recount experiences but shines a light on the subtle, oft-overlooked energies and cultures that sway in the backstage shadows of the wrestling world. Whether it’s the contrasting ambiences of 'Dynamite' and 'Collision', or the leadership styles of industry titans, RVD provides fans and insiders alike a unique, human lens through which to view the muscular ballet of professional wrestling.

Maintain your grip on the mat for further insights and updates from the pulsating heart of AEW and WWE, as more legends like RVD continue to unveil the concealed narratives from the illustrious and tumultuous world of professional wrestling.