Will Bobby Lashley and Street Profits Add a Former NXT Star?


Will Bobby Lashley and Street Profits Add a Former NXT Star?
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In a riveting development within the WWE SmackDown realm, rumblings from Fightful Select posit a potential new alliance is brewing between former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, the resilient Street Profits, and a prominent former NXT star, Odyssey Jones.

The alliance between Lashley and The Street Profits, consisting of Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins, has simmered and solidified over the past three months, marking a distinct paradigm shift for the typically jovial Street Profits.

Under Lashley’s discerning leadership, Ford and Dawkins have metamorphosed, embracing a graver, more ruthless demeanor, indicative of Lashley's hardened battle philosophy.

Fastlane Frustration Ensues

Fastlane, hosted in Indianapolis, heralded the trio’s initial venture as an official group in a six-man tag, yet despite the consolidation of their prowess, they were met with defeat.

LWO’s Rey Mysterio & Santos Escobar, fortified by a reemergent Carlito, secured a win, with Carlito besting Ford via a resounding Backstabber. It’s within this crucible of teamwork and combat that the report suggests an expansion of this alliance.

Odyssey Jones, revered as one of WWE’s colossal competitors, emerges as the focal point of these murmurs, as discussions circulate regarding his potential induction into the group. Jones, whose immense stature alone would punctuate the already formidable appearance of Lashley and The Street Profits, has maintained a relatively low profile since his performance at WWE’s India Superstar Spectacle.

Although announced as a draftee to the Raw brand earlier this year, Jones has remained conspicuously absent from television broadcasts. Nonetheless, his sporadic appearances in numerous dark matches on the SmackDown brand have kept fans speculative and expectant.

The question that now pulsates through the WWE community is a matter of alignment and transformation. Throughout his NXT career, Jones was celebrated as a babyface, currying favor with the crowd despite the brand never fully capitalizing on his momentum with a robust push.

Thus, the prospect of his amalgamation with Lashley and The Street Profits not only teases a fascinating shift in group dynamics but also provokes curiosity regarding the future trajectory of this potentially augmented faction.

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