Rene Dupree Advocates for 32-Year-Old RAW Star WWE World Championship Run


Rene Dupree Advocates for 32-Year-Old RAW Star WWE World Championship Run
Rene Dupree Advocates for 32-Year-Old RAW Star WWE World Championship Run © THE HANNIBAL TV/YouTube

In the exuberant and often tumultuous world of WWE, former superstar Rene Dupree has vocalized his conviction that current Women’s Tag Team Champion, Piper Niven, is poised for a World Championship stint. The affirmation comes as no mere praise, with Niven showcasing her undeniable prowess since signing with the globally-renowned, Stamford-based company back in 2019.

After nearly two years of impacting competition in NXT UK, Niven transitioned to the main roster, making a notably explosive debut on Monday Night RAW. Now 32 and with stints as the 24/7 Champion and Women’s Tag Team Title holder (alongside Chelsea Green) under her belt, Niven persists in establishing herself as a potent force within the WWE.

A testament to this was evident last September 18, where she and Green triumphed over Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark, albeit through disqualification. During an episode of the Cafe de Rene podcast, Dupree, a former Tag Team Champion himself, was probed about Niven’s potential for a World Title run.

His response was a hearty endorsement: "Yeah, she does. [Yeah, she's great] She's a sweetheart."

Niven Seizes Opportunity

Interestingly, a subplot developed during Niven's journey, wherein Sonya Deville, initially Green’s partner, was sidelined due to a torn ACL injury suffered in early August.

Consequently, Green was on a quest for a new cohort. Niven, never one to shy away from seizing opportunities, declared herself as Green’s new partner, in a backstage segment on Monday Night RAW, effectively becoming the new Women's Tag Team Champion.

Green, amidst this tag team whirlwind, recently appeared on the Bleav in Pro Wrestling podcast, discussing her erstwhile partner Deville and prophesying her resilient return: "We have seen her be strong in so many different areas of wrestling and outside of wrestling...I really think she's gonna come back even better." With these undercurrents of partnership dynamics, individual triumphs, and unexpected setbacks, the WWE narrative continues to enthral its global audience, as Piper Niven’s pathway unfolds into potentially ascending to a championship podium that many, like Dupree, believe is her destiny.