Is Buddy Heartbroken? Rhea Ripley Gets Flirty with 38-Year-Old Star at WWE Fastlane


Is Buddy Heartbroken? Rhea Ripley Gets Flirty with 38-Year-Old Star at WWE Fastlane
Is Buddy Heartbroken? Rhea Ripley Gets Flirty with 38-Year-Old Star at WWE Fastlane © WWE/YouTube

Despite not being slated for action at WWE's recent Fastlane event, Rhea Ripley, one of the industry's most buzzed-about superstars, took center stage in a surprising interaction that has fans across social media speculating and sharing their thoughts in droves.

The spectacle unfolded as Damien Priest and Finn Balor, stood in defense of their Undisputed Tag Team Championship against formidable opponents, Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso. The dramatic turn came when JD McDonagh unexpectedly targeted the vulnerable left knee of The Archer of Infamy with a Money in the Bank briefcase, leading to a victorious moment for the babyfaces via a decisive 1-D.

During this high-stakes match, Rhea Ripley emerged, unexpectedly coming toe-to-toe with Jey Uso. In a moment that oscillated between playful flirtation and strategic distraction, she engaged with Uso. Despite the apparent diversion, the ex-Bloodline member remained unshaken, maintaining a laser focus on the unfolding match.

Ripley's Romantic Spotlight

Ripley, currently entwined in an on-screen romantic storyline with Dominik Mysterio, a narrative that has charmed viewers, once again found herself in the social media spotlight. Fans, previously known for trolling Ripley's real-life partner Buddy Matthews, were quick to respond to her and Uso’s shared moment, sparking a fresh wave of online commentary and memes.

Amidst this social media maelstrom, former WWE writer Vince Russo weighed in, paralleling Rhea Ripley's trajectory with that of Jade Cargill, the Women's World Champion who recently made the headline-grabbing leap from AEW to WWE, following in the footsteps of Cody Rhodes.

Discussing on Sportskeeda's 'Writing with Russo', Vince underscored Jade's star power, stemming in part from her marriage to former Cincinnati Reds player Brandon Phillips, and speculated on her potential path in WWE. "But she's gonna become just another name on the roster," he prognosticated, pointing to the similarly stellar yet challenging paths of stars like Bianca Belair and Ripley herself.

Jade’s arrival in WWE comes laden with anticipations, creating a tantalizing question of whether Triple H will catapult her immediately into the main event limelight or if her journey to the top will demand a meticulous climb.

As fans navigate these compelling narratives, one thing is clear: the WWE Universe remains ever-vibrant, with tales that blur the lines between the action in and out of the ring, ensuring fans remain perpetually engaged and ever-watchful for the next surprising turn.

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