AEW Star Injured During Collision Segment - What Happened?


AEW Star Injured During Collision Segment - What Happened?
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The most recent episode of AEW Collision brought the wrestling world to its feet with a flurry of dramatic events and unexpected twists. Adam Copeland, the venerable 11-time WWE Champion, sought answers from Christian concerning his ostensibly cold demeanor towards The Rated-R Superstar.

This took a dramatic turn when the TNT Champion made a vague, menacing promise of answers on the next Dynamite Title Tuesday. However, what unfolded in the ring went beyond verbal altercation. Copeland was ambushed by Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne, with a spine-chilling chokeslam executed by the former.

Darby Allin made a daring attempt to intervene but was subjugated by the heels, ultimately suffering a ConChairTo at the hands of Wayne, who targeted his arm which was braced, signaling potential previous injury.

Analyzing Collision Aftermath

AEW fans were left pondering the fate of these beloved stars after this tumultuous episode.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, wrestling analysts Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez deep-dived into the potentially storyline-altering consequences of this Collision segment. Meltzer speculated on the possibility of an injury angle for Allin, saying, "They do a ConChairTo on Darby Allin's arm and Darby's arm also, he had a brace on his arm, so it felt like this might be an injury angle for Darby, but that was pretty much it." Further injury was speculated during the chaos, with Alvarez remarking, "I think Luchasaurus might have broken his finger during this segment.

So, add that to the list." While details remain scant, these potential injuries could redirect AEW storylines in the weeks to come. In a curious juxtaposition, WWE's Chief Content Officer Triple H candidly spoke about Copeland's (formerly Edge in WWE) shift to AEW at a post-WWE Fastlane press conference.

Expressing no ill-will, he affirmed, "It's time. Time was right for him, time was right for us. I think he had an amazing career, and an amazing sendoff here. I think he felt like he had done what there was to do. I wish him the best."