Tommaso Ciampa Thrilled for DIY Reunion, Names Dream Opponents

Unexpected allies reunite, igniting the ring with nostalgic fervor.

by Atia Mukhtar
Tommaso Ciampa Thrilled for DIY Reunion, Names Dream Opponents
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In a palpable atmosphere of anticipation and mystery, Johnny Gargano dramatically emerged from an extended sabbatical, answering the silent yet resonant question lingering among fans: "Where's Johnny?" His reentry into the WWE universe was nothing short of cinematic, swooping in during an episode of "WWE Raw" to shield his erstwhile DIY tag team partner, Tommaso Ciampa, from a brutal assault by Imperium.

This rekindling of the DIY - a tag team celebrated in the annals of "WWE NXT" - has fans and followers speculating and gushing with excitement over the future dynamics in the WWE tableau. Ciampa, voicing his reflections and a myriad of emotions on the reunion, confided in the audience during an "After the Bell" podcast episode, elucidating how DIY never fully blossomed on the main roster.

He candidly spoke about their discreet presence in past main roster matches and expressed a nuanced skepticism regarding the recall power of those moments among fans. Ciampa painted a vivid picture, detailing how his solo journey unfolded sans Gargano, including a strategic alliance with the Miz and a tussle with the US Title, followed by an interlude for surgery.

DIY's Unexpected Triumph

Engagingly, Ciampa recounted, "There was never a teaser for DIY. San Jose, chanting ‘DIY’ and showing that emotional river when we hugged, even without a proper build, was monumental." He brought attention to a reality that the DIY brand, even without the mainstream machine driving it, had carved a substantial niche.

The pulsating crowd, instantaneously recognizing and reviving the ‘DIY’ call, affirmed a sort of organic success and potentiality for them. The absence of a broadcast continuation on "WWE Raw", where Ciampa and Gargano executed a double superkick, did little to dampen the spirits, with Ciampa articulating how phenomenal it was to communicate with fans post-encounter.

He said, "The arena, echoing ‘DIY,’ spotlighted a moment of realization that we effortlessly trained the audience in one night without a build or expectation”. The potent combination of Ciampa and Gargano signals a refreshing wave in WWE, with the duo set to enchant a global audience, transitioning from their familiar niche.

They stand on the cusp of compelling narratives, with Ciampa communicating a palpable excitement for forthcoming opportunities and new matchup permutations, hinting at a dream showdown with KO and Sami Zayn, which already simmers in online forums

Tommaso Ciampa