Cody Rhodes' Thoughts on Jade Cargill Joining WWE?

Jade Cargill's career takes a thrilling turn to WWE.

by Noman Rasool
Cody Rhodes' Thoughts on Jade Cargill Joining WWE?
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In an enthralling revelation that sent shockwaves across social media, Triple H, a prominent figure in the wrestling universe, disclosed that the erstwhile AEW TBS Champion, Jade Cargill, will now be flaunting her prowess in the WWE ring.

A dominating figure in AEW’s Women’s division, Cargill garnered massive acclaim with a staggering 508-day TBS reign, marking the lengthiest championship reign in AEW’s illustrious history. Cody Rhodes, no stranger to the pressures and glories of championship status, freshly claimed his first championship title since his WWE comeback.

During the Fastlane press conference, he shed light on his sentiments toward Cargill, who not only carved out her unique space in the AEW but also refined her skills at Rhodes’ very own training facility, the Nightmare Factory.

In a heartfelt moment of candor, Rhodes, now one-half of the Undisputed Tag-Team Champions, confessed to being swathed in a concoction of excitement and pride over Cargill’s monumental career move. “Full disclosure.

Uce and I may have had a libation or two on the bus. Nonetheless, I was genuinely thrilled for her to take this leap and I am extremely proud," Rhodes admitted to the gathered press.

Rhodes Honors Marshall

Rhodes elucidated, “Jade emerged from the Nightmare Factory, yet, I wasn’t the one to train her.

I will probably fabricate a little in the future, perhaps in my book, asserting that I did. However, it was QT Marshall who meticulously molded her, propelling her toward this gigantic career leap”. Entering the vibrant and competitive world of WWE, Cargill embarks on a new chapter, armed with the foundational skills imparted by the Nightmare Factory.

Rhodes, while maintaining his high spirits, astutely reminded us, “Now, the actual work begins”. He waxed eloquent about the team-minded ethos enveloping WWE – a palpable shift, possibly unnoticed during his initial tenure with the entity.

Wrestling fans, connoisseurs, and critics alike now find themselves on the edge of their seats, eager to witness the new waves Cargill is poised to create within the WWE's enthralling domain, with a storied past in the AEW and the guidance from Rhodes’ training ground as a firm backdrop.

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