Carlito and LWO Reunite at WWE Fastlane: What's Next?

Unexpected alliances form in a surprising WWE Fastlane showdown.

by Noman Rasool
Carlito and LWO Reunite at WWE Fastlane: What's Next?
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WWE Universe, brace yourselves for a wave of nostalgia and anticipation, as Carlito made an unanticipated return to the squared circle at WWE Fastlane in Indianapolis, forging a new chapter in the saga of the Latino World Order (LWO).

The past Friday on WWE Smackdown unfolded a canvas that portrayed Rey Mysterio grappling against Bobby Lashley, where, amidst the chaos, The Street Profits intervened to provide an unexpected assist, resulting in an onslaught that left Joaquin Wilde & Cruz Del Toro of the LWO storyline injured.

As the WWE fans gazed upon the screen, a pivotal moment emerged later in the show with Mysterio discussing with Santos Escobar & Zelina Vega about the incapacitated Wilde & Del Toro, rendering them unavailable to participate in the imminent six-man tag team bout at Fastlane.

Assuring his allies, Rey revealed his intention to dial in a partner to fortify their position. The intensity mounted at WWE Fastlane, where fans witnessed Rey & Santos, shrouded in determination, stepping into the ring to face the formidable trio of Bobby Lashley & The Street Profits (comprising Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) in a seemingly imbalanced 2-on-3 match.

A layer of intrigue enveloped the arena, given that Rey's promised partner was conspicuously absent as the battle commenced.

Carlito's Triumphant Return

Amidst the climactic battle, an electrifying jolt cascaded through the arena as Carlito's new entrance music reverberated, marking his majestic descent to the ring, adorned in his iconic wrestling gear.

Tagging in, Carlito, Rey, and Santos orchestrated a symphony of skill and agility, concluding with Carlito delivering a potent Backstabber on Ford, securing a pinfall victory to roaring applause. While the ambiance hints at a potential alliance, the official induction of Carlito into the LWO remains veiled in mystery, a conundrum likely to unravel in the upcoming Smackdown episodes, especially given that Carlito has inked a contract with WWE back in June.

Fan theories and speculations are already ablaze in the WWE community, considering Carlito has refrained from indie dates since his signing, making his return all the more monumental. As we thread upon this new narrative weaved by WWE, featuring stalwarts like Carlito and LWO, spectators worldwide remain tethered to their screens, awaiting revelations, alliances, and enthralling encounters to unfold in the ensuing weeks on Smackdown, where legacies and new tales will invariably intertwine, captivating audiences across the globe.

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