Will Bayley's Damage CTRL Triple Threat Match Cause Lasting Impact?

Damage CTRL faces internal tensions amidst rising championship stakes.

by Noman Rasool
Will Bayley's Damage CTRL Triple Threat Match Cause Lasting Impact?
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In a gripping culmination amidst the squared circle, Iyo Sky triumphantly upheld her WWE Women’s Championship, prevailing against veteran powerhouses Charlotte Flair and Asuka, and inadvertently propelling her reign into an upper echelon.

This victory becomes particularly noteworthy in the wake of Sky, a member of the enigmatic Damage CTRL faction, utilizing her 2023 Money In The Bank briefcase to usurp Bianca Belair at SummerSlam. Notwithstanding, Bayley, ubiquitously recognized as the lodestar of Damage CTRL, alongside Sky and Dakota Kai, has orchestrated an imperious presence since their ascent to the main roster.

The former Tag Team Champions, despite their ostensibly insidious alliance, have captivated a legion of aficionados, a testament to their impeccable in-ring prowess and charismatic allure.

Bayley Teases Triple Threat

Recently, Bayley, adjoined by her Damage CTRL cohorts, graced the Fastlane press conference, where a tantalizing proposition surfaced - a prospective triple threat match amongst the trio.

Responding to the hypothesis, the Two-Time Smackdown Women’s Champion exuded a semblance of anticipation mingled with a strategic deferment. “I contemplate it as a dream match, unequivocally. They are not merely colleagues but my best friends and, categorically, two of the greatest to ever grace the canvas,” Bayley articulated with palpable reverence.

“Our confluence and subsequent dominance in WWE and the women’s division were meticulously crafted and deployed. Therefore, to stand opposite them in a WrestleMania bout would be both an honor and a dream actualized”.

She continued, “However, we're in no scramble to expedite this historic moment. Echoing LA Knight, there’s merit in savoring the present, basking in these enchanted WWE nights. Henceforth, let’s relish tonight.

Let’s hoist that sentiment high and stay patient”. In the convoluted landscape of WWE, where alliances are perennially tenuous and ambitions perennially colossal, the eventual dissolution of Damage CTRL may be inevitable.

Yet, for now, the trio, led by the astute stratagem of Bayley, appears content in maintaining their collaborative stranglehold over the women’s division, methodically biding their time until the dream – or perhaps nightmare – triple threat match materializes.

An audacious future awaits the WWE universe as tensions simmer beneath the ostensibly harmonious front of Damage CTRL, promising a cataclysmic clash when the time ripens. Only time will unveil when the trio will transition from allies to adversaries, unfurling a chapter fans are eagerly awaiting.