Rob Van Dam Champions Unsung AEW Star, Eyes Matchup

Veteran Wrestler Rob Van Dam Voices Esteemed Match Desires

by Noman Rasool
Rob Van Dam Champions Unsung AEW Star, Eyes Matchup
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In a recent candid discussion, wrestling stalwart Rob Van Dam expressed a genuine desire to grace once again the ring of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), illuminating his eagerness to square off against select members of the impressive AEW roster.

In an intimate dialogue with Sportskeeda WrestleBinge, Van Dam, affectionately dubbed "The Whole F'n Show," delineated his aspiration to engage with several roster members, including his erstwhile on-screen adversary, Chris Jericho.

"I'm in desperate need of a rematch with Jungle Boy," he professed. "A showdown with Chris Jericho and Christian is equally enticing. Engaging with Sting would also be fascinating, albeit I am unsure of his physical state. Given Chris's full-time wrestling schedule, I am confident that amalgamating our previous in-ring chemistry would undoubtedly spellbind the audience."

Rob Van Dam Revisiting Historic Rivalries

Van Dam and Jericho share a rich history, having been integral parts of the ECW lineup in ancient days and engaging in several memorable feuds during their respective stints with WWE.

Therefore, rekindling their on-screen rivalry within the AEW domain would indubitably be a nostalgic journey for many wrestling fans. Furthermore, in their engaging dialogue, Van Dam abundantly extolled Jericho, not solely for his wrestling prowess but also for his diversely skilled entertainment career which permeates numerous sectors.

Beyond his noteworthy contributions to AEW, Jericho meticulously upholds his position as the vibrant lead vocalist of the rock group Fozzy, simultaneously carving out a notable niche as a discerning actor and accomplished author, embodying a remarkable blend of athleticism and artistic creativity.

In Van Dam's own words: "Chris is the epitome of a true entertainer, reflecting a genuine, impassioned devotion to the art of entertaining." In his eyes, Jericho's unparalleled longevity and the diverse array of talents that have enabled him to carve out multiple successful career paths in the entertainment industry are genuinely commendable.

Rob Van Dam, while showcasing an air of admiration, conveys a sentiment that Jericho's impressive achievements, particularly outside the wrestling arena, merit even greater recognition and applause than they currently receive.

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