Triple H Returns to SmackDown: Welcomes WWE Legend After 2 Years!

Wrestling legends set the stage for an electrifying SmackDown.

by Atia Mukhtar
Triple H Returns to SmackDown: Welcomes WWE Legend After 2 Years!
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In a dramatic and eagerly awaited moment, Triple H, the venerable figure within WWE, is slated to make a captivating return to WWE SmackDown this week, coinciding with another monumental return of Roman Reigns from his hiatus.

Both these impactful appearances are set to light a fire under the WWE universe, engaging fans and sparking excitement in arenas and living rooms worldwide. The iconic “The Game,” Triple H, who graced the press conference following WWE Fastlane recently, seems to have a myriad of announcements tucked under his sleeve, awaiting the ardent fans and the wrestling community.

The buzzing talk of Jade Cargill's recent pivotal signing, anticipations surrounding Roman Reigns' subsequent title defense, and speculations about the return of WWE legends for Crown Jewel - all possibly could be dissected by the seasoned King of Kings.

Goldberg's Anticipated Return

One prime subject of chatter among WWE enthusiasts revolves around Goldberg, a star who has abstained from wrestling since his endeavor at the Elimination Chamber in February 2022, where he didn’t manage to dethrone Roman Reigns.

His subsequent declaration during an interview with 93.7 The Ticket in April, asserting that he was assured of a retirement match by Vince McMahon, has fanned the flames of rumors and conjectures. Goldberg expressed, “The reason why these rumors are out there is because Vince McMahon and I had a handshake understanding that after the Roman Reigns match, I would have a proper retirement match.

That hasn't come to fruition through them... and nobody puts a stamp on my career. Nobody tells me when I'm done. Period. End of story." With WWE's final voyage to Saudi Arabia for 2023 on the horizon, and slated for next month, the window might just be opening for the company to bestow Goldberg with his well-earned retirement match.

Despite having run-ins with various stars in the preceding months, it's lamentable that Matt Riddle, who was embroiled in a ready-made feud with him, has been released from the company. Saudi Arabia, a place that has always opened its arms wide for Goldberg, could witness him possibly square off against a formidable opponent like Brock Lesnar, forming a fitting and explosive culmination to a storied career, under the bright lights of WWE Crown Jewel.

This episode of SmackDown, woven with returns and potential revelations, is undeniably a can’t-miss for every WWE aficionado.

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