Hall of Famer Exiting WWE: Who's Saying Goodbye?

An era concludes with Rich Hering's unexpected WWE departure.

by Atia Mukhtar
Hall of Famer Exiting WWE: Who's Saying Goodbye?
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Endowing the wrestling realm with five decades of unparalleled commitment, WWE Hall of Famer and former Senior Vice President of Government Relations and Risk Management, Rich Hering, has recently bidden adieu to the renowned promotion.

According to exclusive insights from "PWInsider Elite", the venerated 2021 Warrior Award recipient has gracefully stepped into retirement, generating a buzz of astonishment amidst the WWE fraternity, given that this departure stems from Hering's personal decision, and notably, is not a consequence of a layoff by Endeavor.

Navigating through the enthralling journey that was Hering’s half-century-long tenure, it is paramount to traverse back to the initial days, where his saga unfurled in the epoch when the promotion operated under the banner of WWWF, supervised by the astute Vince McMahon Sr.

Prior to embedding his legacy in WWE, Hering rendered his expertise to the New York State Athletic Commission, only to be recruited into the flourishing wrestling company subsequently.

Hering's Underrated Excellence

Adulation permeated the wrestling world in 2021 when Rich Hering, esteemed for orchestrating pivotal operational aspects behind WWE’s curtains, was bestowed with the Warrior Award at the WWE Hall of Fame.

Entrusted with the meticulous supervision of the company's medical and security departments, adept management of risk operations, and the scrupulous oversight of vending contracts, Hering subtly molded the company’s trajectory from the backend, his deeds largely unsung until the disclosure preceding his 2021 Hall of Fame induction.

Not solely confined to off-screen mastery, Hering memorably graced the screen, contributing to one of WWE’s most iconic moments - officiating the timeless wedding between Macho Man Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth. His departure, as informed insiders assert, has unfurled a tapestry of surprise and nostalgia within the company, underscoring the undeniable void that his retirement will carve in the annals of WWE.

As we extend our accolades to Mr. Hering for an illustrious career, the wrestling world watches, reflecting on the indelible imprints left by a true pioneer, and speculating eagerly on what the future horizons of WWE will unfold in the wake of such a monumental departure.