Seth Rollins Set for World Title Bout at WWE Crown Jewel


Seth Rollins Set for World Title Bout at WWE Crown Jewel
Seth Rollins Set for World Title Bout at WWE Crown Jewel © KingVenom/YouTube

Seth Rollins, a shining star of WWE, managed to retain his World Heavyweight Championship title against the formidable Shinsuke Nakamura in a thrilling Last Man Standing match during the Fastlane event on October 7th. Despite the physical strain of the bout and subsequent back issues, Rollins seems unwavering in his desire to remain at the top of the WWE ladder.

However, in Omaha, Nebraska during a memorable Raw episode, just as Rollins was soaking in his victory, he was approached by none other than Drew McIntyre. McIntyre, instead of resorting to a surprise assault, openly laid down a challenge for Rollins.

He eyed the World Heavyweight Championship and chose the grand stage of Crown Jewel, scheduled for November 4th in Saudi Arabia, to be the battleground. Rollins, with the heart of a true champion, readily accepted the gauntlet.

urprise Ambush Unfolds

The drama did not end there. As the night progressed, a surprise ambush awaited Rollins in the form of Damian Priest. As McIntyre made his exit from the scene, Priest seized the moment to corner Rollins.

McIntyre, while initially opting to be a mere spectator, eventually intervened when Dominik Mysterio tried to capitalize on Rollins' vulnerable state using Priest’s Money In The Bank briefcase. A swift headbutt to Mysterio and hurling the briefcase, stopped any potential cash-in from occurring.

Later in the evening, a face-off between Rollins and McIntyre illuminated the dynamics between the two superstars. Rollins pointed out McIntyre's earlier decision to stay out of the fray, to which McIntyre mentioned his intention to avoid meddling.

However, he emphasized his aversion to Roman Reigns holding the WWE Universal Title due to The Bloodline’s influence for three long years and his apprehension towards seeing a similar scenario with The Judgment Day.

Further adding to the layers of intrigue, Drew McIntyre was spotted engaged in an intense discussion with Rhea Ripley backstage. This interaction has sparked a whirlwind of speculations, making fans wonder if there's a strategic alliance forming for the events that await at WWE Crown Jewel.

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