Who Did Becky Lynch Bring Back to WWE RAW After 35-Year-Old Star's Thrilling Return?


Who Did Becky Lynch Bring Back to WWE RAW After 35-Year-Old Star's Thrilling Return?
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In the electric universe of WWE, Becky Lynch, revered as 'The Man', has transcended traditional barriers, etching her name into the annals of wrestling history. Not only has she catapulted herself to unprecedented heights in an industry often dominated by her male counterparts, but she has also consistently been a beacon for rising stars, especially in the women's division.

Securing the NXT Women’s Championship on September 12, 2023, by subduing Tiffany Stratton, Lynch not only grabbed a title that eluded her in prior runs but also orchestrated a wave of opportunity for previously underutilized WWE talents.

Defending her crown three times in less than a four-week span, Becky has vocalized her desire to leverage her reign to illuminate those stars deserving of the WWE Universe’s adoration and the spotlight’s warmth.

Tegan Nox, often cited as one of the brightest talents, found herself amidst the chaotic whirlwind of script changes and lost opportunities until Lynch reportedly advocated for her inclusion. Subsequent storyline developments post-interruption saw Nox defeating notable opponents like Natalya and Chelsea Green, culminating in a high-profile match with Lynch on Monday Night RAW.

Though Nox did not clinch victory, her future in WWE looks luminous following a heartwarming show of respect between the two athletes post-match. Meanwhile, Xia Li, whose journey in WWE has seen many peaks and troughs, returned to television, starkly interrupting Lynch during a backstage segment.

The two are on a collision course, with Li evidently eager to contest the NXT Championship - a prospect that seemed distant before Lynch’s return, given Li’s inconsistent bookings and diminishing spotlight. Moreover, Indi Hartwell, despite her undeniable talent and prior successes in NXT, faced an uphill battle in securing consistent screen time and impactful storylines on RAW until a chance social media exchange with Lynch.

Following a playful yet tantalizing backstage confrontation with ‘The Man’, Hartwell found herself inserted into pivotal segments on both NXT and RAW, even engaging in a Triple Threat Match, which though unsuccessful, arguably elevates her stock in the division.

Championing Future Superstars

Lynch's ascent to recapture the NXT Women's Championship has inadvertently shone a light on previously dimmed stars, providing them with not only opportunities but moments to engage and captivate the WWE Universe.

Whether through direct confrontation or behind-the-scenes advocacy, Becky Lynch is proving that her championship reign is as much about building her own legacy as it is about championing the next generation of WWE Superstars.

This narrative is not just a testament to Lynch's altruistic approach to her career but also to the intricate, multilayered storytelling WWE unfurls, where every confrontation and backstage moment can germinate seeds for fresh, compelling story arcs.

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