Did WWE Star Shock Fans by Unleashing CM Punk's GTS on Raw?


Did WWE Star Shock Fans by Unleashing CM Punk's GTS on Raw?
Did WWE Star Shock Fans by Unleashing CM Punk's GTS on Raw? © WWE/Youtube

In an unexpected twist during a recent episode of WWE Raw, Shinsuke Nakamura audaciously employed CM Punk’s signature move, the Go to Sleep (GTS), sending shockwaves through the WWE Universe and reigniting fervent chatter about the possibility of Punk's return to the WWE ring.

This strategic move comes amid swirling rumors, stemming from CM Punk’s controversial departure from AEW following an altercation with Jack Perry and subsequent investigation into his behavior. Fans are buzzing after noticing nuanced echoes of CM Punk in recent WWE broadcasts, especially given the historic and tempestuous departure of Punk from WWE back in 2014, which later spiraled into a legal entanglement involving a podcast with Colt Cabana and a WWE doctor.

The dissolve of Punk and Cabana’s friendship was merely collateral in the larger, dramatic narrative.

Nakamura Unleashes GTS

Amidst the tumult, Shinsuke Nakamura faced off with Ricochet on Raw, post his loss to Seth Rollins at Fastlane.

Their rivalry, erupting into physical confrontations throughout the night, reached a crescendo when Ricochet, prepared for his match with Bronson Reed and Chad Gable, found himself at the receiving end of a striking GTS from Nakamura.

Officials hastily intervened, preventing a potential Kinshasa to a downed Ricochet. However, the application of the GTS is not merely a physical statement but bears weight in the unspoken, burgeoning question: Is CM Punk WWE-bound? Subtle teases perhaps have been embroidered into recent WWE dialogues.

Keen-eared fans noted parallels between Michael Cole and Seth Rollins' Raw interview and phrases uttered by Punk in a bygone Ring of Honor promo. Similarly, comments by Corey Graves, albeit later attributed by him to "The Usual Suspects," have been interwoven with the looming shadow of Punk.

As speculation mounts and the wrestling community keenly dissects every move and word, Punk’s future remains nebulous. Nakamura's utilization of the GTS, whilst a nod to the past, has successfully catapulted the conversation into the spotlight, ensuring the enigma of CM Punk's professional trajectory remains firmly embedded in the current wrestling discourse.

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