Did Ric Flair's Final Match Secretly Unite Him with The Undertaker Backstage?

Behind the spectacle, wrestling legends share heartfelt moments.

by Noman Rasool
Did Ric Flair's Final Match Secretly Unite Him with The Undertaker Backstage?
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In 2022, wrestling luminary, Ric Flair, magnetically attracted wrestling enthusiasts and legends alike as he poignantly penned the concluding chapter of his monumental in-ring career, partnering with Andrade El Idolo to clinch victory against Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal.

While the showdown incited rampant dialogue and drew a constellation of industry titans, Flair’s physical condition raised alarm bells among his peers and fans. In a candid interview with Chris Van Vliet, Flair, unabashedly candid about his physical state, admitted to dozing off during his final bout due to acute dehydration.

The narrative turned particularly heartwarming and struck a sentimental chord as Flair recounted an intimate, backstage interaction with another wrestling icon, The Undertaker. Flair recalled, “I was strenuously fighting through it.

Not encumbered by pain, but simply unwell, aware of the cloud of concern among my colleagues regarding my health. We envisioned the match as a masterpiece in its conceptual stage, adhering to meticulous rehearsal. Alas, upon my return to the locker room, Taker insistently handed me three Gatorades before I celebrated our victory, partying into the night with Kid Rock”.

Legends' Enduring Bond

The mutual admiration and reverence between Flair and The Undertaker are palpable, permeating through decades of their respective monumental careers. Flair, ever the modest legend, has been transparent about the crises of confidence he navigated during his WWE tenure in the nascent 2000s.

The No Disqualification bout against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 18 emerges as a pivotal point, reinstating Flair’s self-belief and prowess as an in-ring performer. It was in the crucible of that match in Toronto that a bloodied Flair became The Undertaker’s 10th victim in his famed WrestleMania streak, a spectacle that also witnessed Arn Anderson’s unforgettable interference, delivering a flawless spinebuster onto The Undertaker.

These intimate, hitherto unseen moments backstage, notably Flair and The Undertaker’s exchange, afford fans an enriching gaze into the humanity that thrives behind the grand spectacle, uniting legends in a camaraderie that transcends their in-ring personas, a truly touching ode to the brotherhood prevailing in professional wrestling.

This poignant reminiscence by Flair not only underlines the end of an era but also illuminates the enduring bonds formed in the wrestling domain. It remains a testament to the mutual respect and care that wrestlers extend towards each other, even behind the curtain, away from the adoring clamor of the audience.

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