Did The Undertaker and Carmelo Hayes Just Recreate an Iconic WWE Pose?

A mesmerizing post-show moment between Hayes and Undertaker.

by Atia Mukhtar
Did The Undertaker and Carmelo Hayes Just Recreate an Iconic WWE Pose?
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In a stunning turn of events after this week’s “WWE NXT” went off air, legendary WWE figure The Undertaker shared a truly unforgettable moment with former "NXT" Champion Carmelo Hayes. The Undertaker, known for his iconic dark persona, surprised audiences when he appeared post-match between Hayes and rising star Bron Breakker.

The episode had reached its crescendo with Hayes emerging victorious in a battle against Breakker. But the drama didn't end there. Breakker, evidently not a good sport, unleashed an attack on Hayes. Just as things seemed dire for Hayes, the atmosphere in the arena changed.

The Undertaker, channeling his "The American Badass" persona, made a grand entrance, riding his signature motorcycle down to the ring.

As Breakker declared himself the one true "badass" of the brand, The Undertaker intervened.

Grabbing the microphone, he acknowledged the young star's potential but made it clear that Breakker's time to shine wasn't tonight. With a swift and powerful chokeslam, he put Breakker in his place and showed admiration for Hayes, cementing the respect between two generations of WWE talent.

Titans' Unified Farewell

Following the on-screen drama, Hayes and The Undertaker presented fans with an additional treat. Side by side, the two wrestling titans stood at the ramp's peak, and in a synchronized gesture of unity and respect, they raised their fists toward the audience before heading backstage.

This episode of "NXT" was particularly star-studded, with appearances from renowned figures such as John Cena, Paul Heyman, Cody Rhodes, Asuka, LA Knight, and The Brawling Brutes. With such an ensemble, it's clear that WWE is pulling out all stops to challenge "AEW Dynamite" and provide fans with an unparalleled wrestling experience.

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