Is Velveteen Dream Making a Stunning WWE Comeback?

Velveteen Dream's future teeters amid surprising WWE Center sightings.

by Noman Rasool
Is Velveteen Dream Making a Stunning WWE Comeback?
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Published on MSN and Google News, October 10th saw the internet abuzz with chatter following a claim from insider account BWE, which alleged that Patrick Clark, widely recognized as the embattled former NXT star Velveteen Dream, was spotted at the WWE Performance Center.

According to BWE’s revelations, Clark, while not officially re-signed, frequented the Center on several occasions, including an appearance on the evening of October 9th, post undergoing therapy and reportedly showing progress.

However, the waters become murkier with an intervening report from Fightful Select, dispelling much of BWE's information. Although confirming that Dream has yet to re-enter the WWE contract fold, Fightful underscores a pervasive skepticism regarding his return, particularly from within the WWE executive cadre.

The latter's apprehension is mirrored in a previous year’s report, wherein a WWE high official articulated the necessity for a “shocking” development to facilitate Dream’s return.

Clark's Tumultuous Path

Clark's journey has been far from smooth, marred by several legal encounters, such as an arrest for first-degree battery, trespassing, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

His confessions to cocaine use during his NXT tenure, which allegedly resulted in an unpublicized suspension, further diminish prospects of a seamless re-entry into the wrestling conglomerate. At the nexus of this whirlwind of speculative reporting and outright denial, Fightful has been in dialogue with sources stationed at the WWE Performance Center.

Here, perspectives diverge. One NXT star, insistent on having not heard or seen Clark, highlights a possible reason: the Performance Center's bifurcation into two discrete buildings. While they spent an entire day at the Center devoid of any Velveteen Dream sightings or whispers, they acknowledge the potential for his unscheduled appearance in another section of the facility.

In an environment where insiders and talent express variable perspectives, and amidst a fog of unverified and contradictory reports, the speculations regarding Velveteen Dream’s WWE future persist. While his past actions and subsequent legal and professional ramifications pose a formidable obstacle to a career rebound, the wrestling community and fans alike wait in anticipation to see if a path to redemption, or perhaps a shock return, lies ahead for Patrick Clark.

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