Is CM Punk Ignoring WWE Advances?

Shockwaves sent through wrestling community with Punk’s abrupt exit.

by Noman Rasool
Is CM Punk Ignoring WWE Advances?
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In the tumultuous world of professional wrestling, stars often flicker between various franchises, leaving fans in eager anticipation of their next move. A prime example of such a transient career is evident in the recent upheavals concerning Phil Brooks, widely recognized as CM Punk, whose association with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) came to an abrupt halt.

Subsequent to an unforeseen backstage altercation with Jack Perry at "All In," AEW made the executive decision to terminate Punk’s contract, a move announced ahead of the September 2nd episode of Collision. As the dust settles on this explosive departure, WWE fans find themselves engulfed in speculation over whether this turn of events could pave the way for Punk's return to the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) stage.

Despite the internal and external debates and hopeful expectations, especially considering the approaching Survivor Series in Punk’s hometown, Chicago, on November 25th, the backstage reality appears to present a far more complex picture.

Punk's Uncertain Future

A report surfaced earlier, hinting at Punk’s possible interest in revisiting the WWE universe. A source even quoted it as a “safe bet” to anticipate Punk’s presence at the aforementioned Survivor Series.

Nevertheless, conflicting reports from reputable wrestling news outlet Fightful Select inject a dose of skepticism into these predictions. As of October 10th, communications between Punk and WWE are reportedly non-existent, and there is no substantive plan in place to herald his return to the WWE ring.

Multiple sources within WWE emphatically clarified that recent reports of Punk signing with the company are unequivocally inaccurate. Moreover, despite Punk purportedly sending out exploratory communications (or "feelers") to WWE, and fan theories running wild, official sources have so far disclaimed any ongoing discussions.

A considerable amount of backstage friction, or “heat,” reportedly remains a substantial barrier to Punk’s WWE return, necessitating ample bridge-mending before any potential re-entry can be materialized.

Talents within the company, too, have sought clarity on this topic from the higher-ups and were met with a clear message: no current plans exist for CM Punk’s return.

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