Cody Rhodes Shakes WWE NXT with Surprise Announcements?

An electrifying NXT episode unfolded with unexpected revelations and appearances.

by Noman Rasool
Cody Rhodes Shakes WWE NXT with Surprise Announcements?
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In a pulsating episode of NXT on October 10th, the enigmatic "American Nightmare" Cody Rhodes detonated a series of unforeseen announcements and added a scintillating layer of excitement to the program, guaranteeing it to be an indelible mark on the professional wrestling calendar.

Cody didn’t just grace the opening segment; he commandeered it, unfurling not one but three major announcements to the NXT universe, surpassing the solitary teaser previously advertised. Initially, he spotlighted the Women’s Breakout Tournament, promptly announcing its male counterpart, rekindling the men’s Breakout Tournament to the absolute delight of fans.

Without missing a beat, Rhodes transitioned to “a particular tag team tournament”. The crowd, electrifyingly, erupted in chants for The American Dream, telegraphing their hopes for the revival of The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

Affably, Cody confirmed the return of the beloved tag team tournament, sending shockwaves through the arena.

Rhodes Commands NXT

In a third revelation, Rhodes pronounced his one-night-only role as the guest General Manager, and undauntedly sanctioned a title match between NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov and Dominik Mysterio for later that very evening, with LA Knight appointed as the special guest referee.

The exhilarating surprises were meticulously sprinkled throughout the episode, concluding with an unexpected appearance from The Undertaker, leaving fans awestruck and elevating the night into the echelons of WWE history.

Despite Cody Rhodes seamlessly helming NXT and currently holding the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championship with Jey Uso, his eyes are irrevocably fixed on one monumental goal - unseating Roman Reigns. While this may remain enshrouded in uncertainty, particularly considering The Rock’s recent startling return on SmackDown, a certain Hall of Famer staunchly believes Rhodes has thoroughly earned the opportunity to headline WrestleMania 40.

Rhodes, a perennial favorite and seasoned performer, not only captivates fans with his in-ring prowess but also with his keen ability to meld storytelling and athletic performance seamlessly. Will he find himself locked in a titanic clash with Reigns, or perhaps entwined in a multigenerational story with The Rock? Only time will unravel the tapestry of narratives that WWE seems to be delicately weaving in this electric era of professional wrestling.

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