Why Didn't the 44-Year-Old AEW Star Ever Sign with WWE?


Why Didn't the 44-Year-Old AEW Star Ever Sign with WWE?
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In an intriguing recent revelation, AEW standout Prince Nana discussed why, despite numerous interactions and tryouts, he never donned the WWE banner. Prince Nana, an iconic figure with a lasting legacy in Ring of Honor, has now carved a niche for himself in AEW.

Recalling his association with WWE during a candid chat on Chris Jericho's "Talk is Jericho" podcast, Nana mentioned memorable encounters, including a bout with Crash Holly at Madison Square Garden for a TV taping named 'Metal.'

He also recalled working closely with Steve Blackman during the WWF era. Nana's connections with WWE run deep, spanning tryouts for diverse roles, including that of a manager. "They're familiar with me. It remains a mystery why a spot never opened up for me there, but I firmly believe that life has a plan.

The journey in pro wrestling unfolded differently than I imagined, but I'm grateful. AEW feels right," shared Nana.

NYC Love Over WWE

A significant aspect influencing Nana's decision might have been his financial stability and love for NYC.

"It's known that I have profound financial reserves. The idea of relocating permanently to Florida didn't appeal to me. NYC holds a special place in my heart, coming second only to my homeland, Ghana," Nana explained, crediting his hesitancy to shift base as a possible reason behind the missed WWE opportunity.

However, missing out on WWE hasn't hindered Nana's growth. He's made waves in Tony Khan's AEW promotion and is prominently featured, especially in collaborations with Swerve Strickland as part of the Mogul Embassy. In another captivating development, during an episode of the AEW Unrestricted podcast, Prince Nana expressed his interest in roping in former WWE NXT Champion, Tommaso Ciampa, to his faction.

Nana stated, "There are many talents I'd reconsider, but to truly shake things up, it'd be Ciampa. To grasp the Embassy's success and our footprint in wrestling, one only needs to track Ciampa's meteoric rise." Nana's revelations give fans an insightful look into the intricacies of the wrestling world and remind us that every wrestler's journey is unique.