Did They Transform? WWE Star's Shocking Change Stuns Corey Graves!

Unraveling WWE's latest controversy surrounding Rick Boogs' exit.

by Atia Mukhtar
Did They Transform? WWE Star's Shocking Change Stuns Corey Graves!
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The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) universe is always abuzz with the latest happenings, but it was recently left aghast when a familiar face underwent a staggering transformation. Rick Boogs, formerly known as Eric Bugenhagen, showcased a physique that seemed almost unrecognizable, catching the eye of everyone, including WWE commentator Corey Graves.

Following the monumental Endeavor merger with WWE, the wrestling industry experienced shockwaves as numerous talents found themselves facing abrupt contract terminations. Rick Boogs, once a rising star in the WWE constellation, was also caught in this storm of corporate decisions.

These sweeping changes, unfolding at an astonishing pace, left a void in the hearts of fans who were trying to piece together the reason behind such sudden shifts. Industry insiders, too, were left scratching their heads, attempting to discern the underlying strategy or motive behind these significant moves.

The WWE universe now watches with bated breath, awaiting the next chapter in this ever-evolving saga.

Boogs Blames McMahon

Rick Boogs had once been a promising talent in the WWE roster. However, his sudden exit from the company was mired in controversy.

Boogs publicly pinned the blame on the ouster of WWE's magnate, Vince McMahon, stating it played a pivotal role in the derailment of his career. Going a step further, Boogs claimed that he was the victim of an internal conspiracy led by certain management team members.

For many WWE enthusiasts, this was a bolt from the blue since Boogs had maintained a relatively low profile, rarely commenting on company politics. Since his unexpected departure, Boogs has been anything but dormant. Fans following his journey post-WWE have noted an intense focus on physical fitness and conditioning.

The recent photographs he shared depict a beefed-up physique, so strikingly different that even seasoned commentators like Corey Graves couldn't help but react. Graves, in his quintessential style, quipped if Boogs "had eaten himself" to attain such a formidable build.

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