Why Won't Will Ospreay Join WWE Full-Time? Dave Meltzer Reveals!


Why Won't Will Ospreay Join WWE Full-Time? Dave Meltzer Reveals!
Why Won't Will Ospreay Join WWE Full-Time? Dave Meltzer Reveals! © F4WOnline/YouTube

The wrestling world is abuzz as Will Ospreay's tenure with New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) is nearing its end. With his contract set to expire this coming February, speculations are rampant regarding his next move. Dave Meltzer, a renowned voice from Wrestling Observer, recently shed light on the possible paths the IWGP United States (previously U.K.) Champion might take.

On a recent segment with "McGuire on Wrestling," Meltzer revealed, "Ospreay's inclination is towards residing in England. Hence, even if he were to choose WWE, it won't be on a full-time basis." He elaborated that Ospreay could fly in for matches, but a strategic move by WWE would be to launch a European venture with Ospreay as its star attraction.

Ospreay's Market Value

Given the stature and skills of Ospreay, he will undoubtedly be a crazy commodity in the wrestling world. Meltzer pointed out that the standard payment for 'NXT' recruits wouldn't be enough to lure Ospreay. "They'd probably need to offer him around six times that amount," Meltzer remarked. He also suggested that AEW might be better suited to make him a lucrative offer. "AEW or WWE seem the likeliest options. I doubt if NJPW can match the offers he'll be getting," Meltzer commented.

Interestingly, despite these speculations, Ospreay has been appearing on AEW's roster. Fans have noted him addressing his contract's imminent end on a "Dynamite" episode. This episode, which served as a prelude to AEW All In at Wembley Stadium, saw Ospreay going toe-to-toe with Chris Jericho in a match that's being hailed as historic. To further fuel speculations, Ospreay is slated to appear in an Impact Wrestling event during the "Bound For Glory" weekend.

Despite these appearances and the intense market chatter, Meltzer believes Ospreay's decision is still in the air. "I'm pretty confident he hasn't settled on one yet," Meltzer added.

This period of uncertainty and anticipation will keep fans and promotions on their toes as they eagerly await the British sensation's next move.

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