Did Logan Paul Praise Dillon Danis's WWE Move at XSeries10 Workouts?


Did Logan Paul Praise Dillon Danis's WWE Move at XSeries10 Workouts?
Did Logan Paul Praise Dillon Danis's WWE Move at XSeries10 Workouts? © Seconds Out/YouTube

In the countdown to the much-anticipated fight between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis, scheduled for Oct. 14 in Manchester, England, things have taken an unexpected yet entertaining turn. XSeries10's open workouts last night offered a hint of what's to come this weekend, and as anticipated, the event wasn’t devoid of surprises.

Dillon Danis, who is gearing up for his boxing premiere, didn't stick to the script. While the former Bellator MMA star was expected to display his boxing technique, Danis chose to flaunt his grappling prowess instead. To add more flavor to the workout, he even executed some iconic WWE moves, an act many believe was a light-hearted jab at Logan Paul.

Paul's Playful Comeback

Paul, never one to back down from a good-natured jest, addressed Danis's antics on Twitter with a succinct yet cheeky remark: "Alright this is hilarious." The scene became even more comical when Paul, after a single punch on the pads during his turn, decided to unstrap his gloves and exhibit his own grappling moves, as if signaling he’s prepared for any challenge Danis might throw at him.

Adding another layer to the pre-fight drama, Paul, during a segment on "BS w/ Jake Paul," claimed to have broken his wrist. But it later turned out to be a ruse, with Paul admitting he just wanted to ensure Danis wouldn’t back out of the bout. Michael Bisping, former UFC middleweight champion, didn’t seem impressed by Paul's prank.

In a YouTube video, a visibly amused Bisping commented, “Logan Paul breaks his wrist one week out from the Dillon Danis fight or so he claims… He’s going to lose to Dillon. But guess what? It’s just another stupid joke in a long line of jokes. My God! These guys, what an absolute embarrassment!”

As the fight night draws closer, such antics keep fans on their toes. While some may dismiss them as mere publicity stunts, they undeniably add to the anticipation and intrigue surrounding the bout. Whether it’s mind games or genuine entertainment, one thing's for certain: this showdown in Manchester promises to be nothing short of exhilarating.

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