Did Matt Cardona's WWE Tag Team Run Fall Flat?

Unveiling the unseen struggles of WWE's charismatic Zack Ryder.

by Noman Rasool
Did Matt Cardona's WWE Tag Team Run Fall Flat?
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In a candid revelation during a recent discussion with the "Off Her Chops" podcast, former WWE star Matt Cardona, popularly recognized by fans as Zack Ryder, unveiled a series of sentiments regarding his prior tag team alliance with Mojo Rawley in WWE's developmental brand, NXT. Cardona, who clinched the WWE Tag Team Championship twice alongside Curt Hawkins, didn’t mince words while delving into his experiences with the Hype Bros, his tag team with Rawley.

Back in 2015, Cardona, a seasoned performer, embarked on a journey into NXT, crafting a tandem dubbed the Hype Bros with Mojo Rawley. Despite the unit accruing substantial popularity among the NXT fanbase, Cardona’s enthusiasm was seemingly misaligned with the public's reception. “It sucked…", he unabashedly confessed during the interview, reflecting on the unexpected longevity and trajectory of their partnership.

Reluctant Partnership Unveiled

Cardona elaborated, illustrating the duality of his commitment to seizing opportunities and his underlying reluctance regarding the team’s direction: "At first, it was an opportunity and I took it as an opportunity, went to NXT, alright, let’s go. Me and Mojo, we both tried…” Their journey experienced unforeseen extensions, despite initial indications from the management promising a brief stint in NXT.

The eventual decision to keep the Hype Bros intact even after Cardona's Intercontinental Title victory at WrestleMania and a momentary hiatus due to injury harbored dissatisfaction. Upon his return and Mojo’s notable triumph at the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, Cardona was met with the unanticipated, and evidently unwelcome, revival of the Hype Bros.

“It’s nothing against him, I just hated it,” he clarified, asserting that his frustrations were not a reflection of his rapport with Rawley but rather with the seemingly unyielding partnership that tethered him to a role he’d grown weary of.

In the precarious world of professional wrestling, where athletes often juggle personal ambitions and company directives, Cardona’s reflections provide a candid glimpse into the behind-the-scenes struggles, even amidst on-screen triumphs. This divulgence paints a complex narrative, exploring the divergent paths of an athlete’s public and private professional journeys within the enthralling domain of WWE.

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