Is Darby Allin the Next WWE Champion? Adam Copeland Weighs In!


Is Darby Allin the Next WWE Champion? Adam Copeland Weighs In!
Is Darby Allin the Next WWE Champion? Adam Copeland Weighs In! © WWE/Youtube

In a startling shakeup on the professional wrestling stage, veteran wrestler Adam Copeland made his AEW debut earlier this month at WrestleDream PPV, swiftly aligning himself with intriguing figures within the promotion and elucidating his perspectives on rising stars. Despite his short stint, Copeland has expressed genuine admiration for Darby Allin, a performer known for his fearless in-ring persona and an unyielding dedication to entertain the fans.

WrestleDream’s main event spotlighted Christian Cage, Copeland's longtime friend and current TNT Champion, as he fiercely retained his title against Darby Allin in a grueling 2 out of 3 Falls Match. The bout’s aftermath unfolded dramatically, with Copeland making a timely intervention, saving Allin and his mentor, the legendary Sting, from a potentially devastating Conchairto - instantaneously marking himself as an ally to the pair and sparking fervent discussions among the AEW faithful.

Copeland Praises Allin

In a subsequent interview on Chris Jericho’s widely-listened Talk Is Jericho podcast, Copeland shared his observations on Allin, underlining that the latter’s audaciousness in the ring and enigmatic aura reminded him of WWE legends, Jeff Hardy and Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio. He stated with evident respect, "You’re Rey Mysterio with Jeff Hardy splashed all over you." Such a potent blend of agility, fearlessness, and charisma, reminiscent of former WWE Champions, naturally invites speculation and comparison, especially when articulated by a seasoned professional like Copeland.

Allin, lauded for his sell-work and the strategically aggressive in-ring persona, has indeed captivated audiences and peers alike with his raw, electric performances, demonstrating a nuanced understanding of both the physical and psychological aspects of wrestling storytelling. Copeland, drawing parallels with iconic figures like Mysterio and Hardy, highlights a tantalizing perspective, offering fans and analysts a fresh lens through which to scrutinize the rising star's future trajectory in the wrestling business.

As AEW continues to craft compelling narratives, the intertwining paths of seasoned veterans and burgeoning stars like Allin signal a tantalizing future, potentially ripe with alliances, rivalries, and heart-stopping in-ring action that could reshape the contours of the professional wrestling landscape. Copeland’s admiration and alignment with Allin could indeed be a pivotal chapter, not just in their respective careers, but in the annals of AEW history, signposting a riveting epoch that fans will follow with bated breath.

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