Bryan Danielson opposes Halloween


Bryan Danielson opposes Halloween
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In the world of professional wrestling, Bryan Danielson is a name that resonates with passion and dedication. Known for his fervor inside the squared circle, Danielson's commitment extends beyond the ring—towards a cause dear to his heart, the environment. His environmental consciousness is not a newfound interest; during his final WWE Championship reign as Daniel Bryan, he embraced the persona of the "Planet's Champion," an embodiment of his eco-friendly beliefs. As part of this persona, he even replaced the traditional leather WWE Championship belt with one crafted from sustainable materials, such as wood and natural stones.

In a recent episode of the "Nikki & Brie Show," Bryan Danielson, joined by his wife Brie Garcia, voiced his concerns about the environmental impact of Halloween and took a firm stance against the holiday, citing the wasteful nature of costumes.

Danielson explained, "I believe Halloween takes a significant toll on the environment. Therefore, I advocate for a stand against the celebration of Halloween, particularly in its current form with elaborate costumes. It's a logical argument when you consider that Halloween doesn't revolve around family gatherings like Thanksgiving or hold religious significance like Christmas. So, why are we partaking in this celebration and investing in costumes that contribute to unnecessary waste?"

Danielson's Wrestling Victory

On the professional wrestling front, Bryan Danielson's dedication to his craft remains unwavering. In a recent special episode of AEW Dynamite, known as "Title Tuesday," he opened the show in a thrilling match against Swerve Strickland, with a TNT Title match opportunity at stake. In a match filled with athleticism and intensity, Danielson emerged victorious, securing the win with a devastating Busaiko running knee.

Now, Bryan Danielson stands on the cusp of another significant challenge. On the upcoming October 14th episode of "Collision," he is set to face off against Christian for the coveted TNT Championship. This showdown promises to be a spectacle for wrestling enthusiasts, as two stalwarts of the industry collide in a bid for championship glory.

Bryan Danielson's dual commitment to both the environment and professional wrestling showcases a man who not only graces the ring with his talent but also uses his platform to advocate for important causes. Whether it's inside the ropes or championing eco-friendly practices, Danielson continues to make his mark on the world in and out of the wrestling world.

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