Does Swerve Strickland Want More AEW vs. WWE Showdowns?

Wrestling's landscape shifts as Swerve Strickland shares insights.

by Atia Mukhtar
Does Swerve Strickland Want More AEW vs. WWE Showdowns?
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In a razor-thin ratings showdown last night, "AEW Dynamite" found itself just trailing behind "WWE NXT." Reflecting on this tussle for viewership, former "NXT" talent and now a prominent figure in AEW, Swerve Strickland, expressed that such rivalries are precisely what the pro-wrestling domain needs right now.

Speaking with DAZN, Strickland painted a vivid picture, comparing the clash to two heavyweight sporting teams locking horns. He remarked, "When you see two rival teams go toe-to-toe, the energy is palpable. That's the essence we're capturing here." He emphasized the sheer passion and intensity fans harbor during monumental showdowns in mainstream sports.

Swerve Strickland Shares Insights

Swerve, not mincing his words, underlined that this stiff competition between AEW and WWE is vital. He feels it ensures both entities remain on their A-game. Particularly intriguing, in his perspective, is AEW's current trend of pitting seasoned wrestling veterans against emerging talents.

"This dynamic not only draws eyes but also fosters an environment where captivating stories unravel," added Strickland. Discussing the current stars that captivate audiences, Swerve commented, "There's significant buzz surrounding Adam Copeland, and equally, fans are eager to see what I bring to the table." Strickland's bout against Bryan Danielson, both hailing from Washington state, exemplifies the kind of matches required to hold fans' attention.

He opined that such marquee matchups have been brought to the forefront due to the mounting competition. Conversely, Strickland acknowledges the wealth of talent in his previous stomping grounds, "NXT." He believes that these stars thrive in adrenaline-pumped situations, such as the recent ratings battle.

Dwelling on the larger picture, Strickland expressed, "It's a resurgence of appointment TV, a phenomenon we've been missing." He alluded to the contemporary trend of binge-watching, where individuals set their own pace. But Tuesday's face-off compelled fans to align their schedules, making it a live communal experience.

Though AEW's "Dynamite" registered 609,000 viewers, lagging behind "NXT" which garnered a whopping 921,000, the real takeaway is the collective viewership. The skirmish brought together over 1.5 million wrestling enthusiasts, glued to their screens, celebrating the magic of wrestling.

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