Wrestling Legend Fears for Edge's Safety in AEW

Wrestling veteran ventures into unexpected territories, surprising fans worldwide.

by Noman Rasool
Wrestling Legend Fears for Edge's Safety in AEW
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In a startling move that left the wrestling world agog, WWE legend Adam Copeland, famously known as "Edge," made a grand entrance into AEW, revealing an unexpected twist in his career path. Anticipations of Copeland either re-signing with WWE or stepping back from active competition were dashed, and now, the eyes of fans and fellow wrestlers alike are riveted on his unfolding journey in the Jacksonville-based promotion.

The unexpected leap into AEW by Adam Copeland has attracted a maelstrom of opinions and analyses from various corners of the wrestling community. Among them, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash elucidated his viewpoints on the substantial impact Edge could bring to the Tony Khan-led company during his "Kliq THIS" podcast.

Nash, while recognizing the prowess and reputation of the Rated-R Superstar, emphasized his potential to be a mentor and invaluable resource for AEW's emerging talents. However, his voice tinged with anxiety as he highlighted the contrast in wrestling styles between WWE and AEW, expressing earnest apprehensions about Copeland's physical well-being amidst the new dynamics.

Edge's AEW Debut Unfolds

Edge's inaugural AEW in-ring debut occurred on a pulsating Dynamite Title Tuesday, where he faced Luchasaurus in the show's climactic main event, marking his first match outside WWE in several decades.

This highly-anticipated match was not merely a platform to showcase his enduring wrestling aptitude. Still, it was also steeped in a riveting narrative involving his real-life best friend, Christian Cage. Christian, lacing his pre-match address with personal and evocative remarks about Copeland's family, including his wife, Beth Phoenix, and their daughters, managed to incite an emotional reaction from Edge.

The latter, visibly incensed, launched himself into the ring, ready to confront Luchasaurus. The spectacle culminated in upheaval as Adam Copeland was besieged during a skirmish against the Christian Cage-fronted group. An unexpected ally emerged in Bryan Danielson, slated to challenge Cage for the TNT Championship, coming to Copeland's aid.

Moreover, The Mogul Embassy and The Blackpool Combat Club joined the fray, propelling their feuds into the spotlight and leaving audiences anticipating what may unfold in the coming weeks. The complexities and alliances within AEW fuel existing storylines and promise a tumultuous and thrilling journey ahead for Adam "Edge" Copeland within his new wrestling abode.

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