Will Ospreay Snubs Full-Time WWE Contract?


Will Ospreay Snubs Full-Time WWE Contract?
Will Ospreay Snubs Full-Time WWE Contract? © WWE/Youtube

The professional wrestling sphere has been abuzz with speculation regarding the future of the current IWGP United Kingdom Champion, Will Ospreay, especially as his tenure with New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) seems to be teetering on the brink of expiration.

His impending title defense against Zack Sabre Jr. at Royal Quest III in London further shrouds his long-term career trajectory in mystery. Insights from noted wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer on the McGuire on Wrestling podcast offer a glimpse into Ospreay’s potential career moves.

According to Meltzer, the champion’s preference to reside in England positions WWE as a less likely full-time option unless the entertainment powerhouse is able to successfully launch NXT Europe, with Ospreay spearheading its star lineup.

"He wants to live in England, so the deal is that for him to go to WWE, it would not be full-time... the best thing would be for WWE to get that Europe thing going and make him the star of the whole thing," Meltzer noted. The alternative? “AEW’s going to offer him a good deal.

I think it’s AEW or WWE. I just don’t see New Japan being able to afford him at this point. I’m relatively certain he hasn’t made up his mind”.

Ospreay's AEW Dominance

Ospreay, not a new face in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), has flaunted his prowess in the 2022 and 2023 Forbidden Door shows.

Notably, his title defense against Orange Cassidy and triumphant victory over Kenny Omega, securing the IWGP US Championship, have cemented his status and popularity among AEW enthusiasts. Moreover, Ospreay's triumphs at All In, where he overcame Chris Jericho at Wembley Stadium, and at WrestleDream, where he was part of The Don Callis Family team besting the formidable trio of Jericho, Kota Ibushi, and Kenny Omega, underscore his meteoric rise and undeniable marketability.

As wrestling aficionados worldwide linger in anticipation of Ospreay’s decision, the dominos of his choice are poised to reshape the landscape of professional wrestling, whether he casts his lot with AEW, spearheads WWE’s potential NXT Europe venture, or chooses a path yet to unfold before the public eye.

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