Female Wrestler Ends Career After Severe Injury


Female Wrestler Ends Career After Severe Injury
Female Wrestler Ends Career After Severe Injury © WWE/YouTube

In a deeply somber revelation from the women’s wrestling landscape, rising talent SUNNY, an athlete celebrated within the realms of the Evolution wrestling company, has publicly declared her premature departure from active in-ring competition, a decision precipitated by a severe and potentially career-altering injury.

SUNNY, while not a familiar face within large-scale promotions such as WWE and AEW, had crafted a unique legacy within Evolution, an entity brought to life by veterans Suwama and Shuji Ishikawa from All Japan Pro Wrestling.

Her notable debut was heralded on March 21st at the Shinkiba 1st RING in Tokyo, a moment of significance, marking Evo Onna’s burgeoning era in the sport. This startling announcement was underscored by Koji Nakanishi, a representative who, in a press conference in Tokyo on September 14th, shared an in-depth overview of the events that tragically culminated in SUNNY’s withdrawal from wrestling.

After her participation in the All Japan Pro Wrestling Shinkiba Tournament, SUNNY sought medical intervention due to alarming numbness in her extremities. The prognosis was dire, indicating that persistent engagement in wrestling could escalate to spinal cord injuries or, in an extreme scenario, partial paralysis.

SUNNY's Grateful Farewell

SUNNY, reflecting a resilient and optimistic spirit, shared heartfelt sentiments during the press conference. She expressed gratitude towards a career concluded prior to a catastrophic in-ring incident and appreciation for the unwavering support of her mentors and Evolution.

“More than anything, I'm glad it was before something big happened in the ring, and I'm grateful to my teacher and the organization for respecting my feelings and body," SUNNY conveyed. While her physical presence within the squared circle concludes, SUNNY’s involvement with Evolution persists.

She steps into a pivotal backstage role, assuring fans and colleagues alike that her commitment to elevating the company's stature remains unbroken. In an industry where physicality is paramount, SUNNY’s abrupt retirement shines a light on the stark realities athletes often encounter.

It also amplifies the resonance of her spirit within the wrestling community: a testament to passion, adaptability, and unwavering dedication in the face of adversities. Her journey, now veering in a new direction, will undoubtedly embolden Evolution’s path forward, preserving her influence in the annals of wrestling history.