Is Ronda Rousey Miss Her Shot with Premature Retirement?


Is Ronda Rousey Miss Her Shot with Premature Retirement?
Is Ronda Rousey Miss Her Shot with Premature Retirement? © Ronda Rousey/Twitter

In a surprising yet contemplative move, Ronda Rousey, a name synonymous with revolutionizing the women's division in UFC and WWE, seems to have subtly announced her retirement, sparking a sea of speculations and what-ifs in the wrestling community. The former UFC Bantamweight Champion and WWE Women's Champion navigated a remarkable journey, transitioning seamlessly from the ruthless octagon of MMA to the equally challenging squared circle of professional wrestling.

Launching into the wrestling limelight with a bang at WrestleMania 34 in 2018, Rousey quickly rose through the ranks, proving her mettle by securing the WWE Women's Championship on multiple occasions and even etching her name in history by featuring in the inaugural all-women's WrestleMania main event in 2019. Despite these career highs, controversies, fan backlashes, and underwhelming moments followed, putting her once unblemished track record under scrutiny.

Rousey's Ambiguous Farewell

Rousey's somewhat cryptic Instagram post about retirement left the wrestling world abuzz with talks of what might have been. "Sorry, I couldn't hear you through my retirement," she penned, posing an almost rhetorical farewell to a career that, perhaps, still held noteworthy potential.


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The inherent question looms large: Did Ronda, dubbed "The Baddest Woman on the Planet", prematurely curtail a career that still held a wealth of possibilities, especially in professional wrestling? Her departure from WWE and the foregone conclusion of a missed AEW alliance brings forth a treasure trove of hypothetical scenarios. AEW, known for its exhilarating, hard-hitting wrestling style, might have offered Rousey a lucrative deal and a stage where her combat skills could shine amidst a roster craving for impactful star power.

Notwithstanding, Rousey's impact on women's wrestling remains indelible. Her influence stretched boundaries, propelling the women's division into uncharted territories, especially evident in the iconic WrestleMania moment. Yet, a lingering sentiment prevails among fans and pundits alike: her exit from professional wrestling felt abrupt, somewhat devoid of the traditional, heartfelt adieu deserving of a star of her magnitude.

In a scenario where her competitive fires were extinguished in a match that arguably failed to encapsulate her storied career, the future for Ronda Rousey may veer in numerous directions. Wrestling fans are left to ponder what could have been should Rousey have laced up her boots for a few more bouts in a different wrestling promotion.

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