Did WWE Miss Miro's Breakout Moment?

Road Dogg reflects on Miro's paradoxical WWE journey.

by Noman Rasool
Did WWE Miss Miro's Breakout Moment?
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In an introspective reflection upon past strategies in the wrestling sphere, WWE Hall of Famer, Road Dogg, delved into the trajectory of Miro's WWE career, particularly examining the epoch where the "Rusev Day" gimmick made waves, albeit momentarily. This enlightening revelation took place during a recent episode of the 'Oh You Didn’t Know' podcast, wherein the seasoned wrestler expressed poignant regret and puzzlement over the abrupt dissipation of a promising arc.

Miro, who initially carved a distinct niche within WWE under the pseudonym Rusev, blossomed into a fan-favorite post-SummerSlam 2017, all thanks to an innovative and peculiar gimmick: “Rusev Day.” The gimmick, entailing a daily self-proclamation of "Rusev Day," was further amplified by an alliance formed with Aiden English. Alas, despite a meteoric ascension in fan adoration during 2018, Miro’s WWE voyage hit an unexpected snag, gradually petering out, much to the bewilderment of ardent followers.

Speaking candidly, Road Dogg spotlighted the ordeal, lamenting, "It's something that's caught on and they're running with it instead of something that caught on and they didn't run with it... I just feel like that's one of the things I look back on and I say, ‘Man, I wish that would have been different.'" His sentiment echoes the perplexity shared by many within and outside the WWE at the time, as Miro’s momentum seemed indomitably profound.

"Miro's Unveiled Journey"

Road Dogg elaborated, revealing that the stagnation of the "Rusev Day" gimmick was not without internal pushback. His own pitches to elevate Miro's narrative were systematically negated. "We saw Rusev Day getting over," he shared. "I honestly don't know what happened to Rusev Day. One day, we were pushing it and the next day we weren't... Every time I would pitch something, it would get shot down."

In retrospect, Miro’s departure from WWE in 2020 and subsequent flourishing within AEW underscore a narrative of triumph amidst professional turmoil. His journey posits a pivotal query regarding talent utilization within wrestling promotions and sparks dialogue over the possible recalibration of strategies in recognizing and harnessing emergent popularity among wrestling personas. Road Dogg’s contemplative words serve as a reminder of the unpredictable and occasionally perplexing behind-the-scenes machinations of professional wrestling, and perhaps, an opportunity for reflection and strategic evolution within the industry.

In the broader perspective, the tale of Miro’s WWE stint now resides as a poignant chapter in wrestling history, serving as a potential catalyst for revised talent management and promotional strategies in the future.

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