How Are WWE & AEW Backstages Responding to Tony Khan’s Controversial Tweets?

Tony Khan's tweets ignite unexpected firestorm in wrestling world.

by Noman Rasool
How Are WWE & AEW Backstages Responding to Tony Khan’s Controversial Tweets?
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In an unexpected twist within the wrestling world, Tony Khan, a notably active figure on social media, particularly on Twitter/X, finds himself in the limelight yet again. Often seen uplifting his team, promoting upcoming shows, or sharing words of gratitude towards his followers, Khan’s online presence typically emanates positivity and strategic promotional efforts.

However, recent events have unveiled a contrasting side to Khan’s digital persona, where his posts, notably on Tuesday night when AEW and WWE found themselves in a direct clash, took a decidedly aggressive turn. Some industry insiders have gone so far as to label his online behavior as “petulant”. A tweet encapsulating this, containing the biting words “BALD A**HOLE” – an apparent Curb Your Enthusiasm reference, was ostensibly directed at WWE figures, potentially targeting either Triple H, Shawn Michaels, or perhaps both.

The unfolding drama escalated further when Khan turned his social media sights towards wrestling stalwarts John Cena and The Undertaker, questioning their drawing power following their appearance on the October 10th episode of NXT. These bold assertions not only ignited fervent reactions among the fanbase but also sparked intrigue and some bewilderment among those inside AEW. A report from Fightful Select highlighted the internal surprise that such unabashed statements were even made public, given the charged nature of them.

Khan's Unfiltered Posts

Tony Khan, known for his forthright communication style, is reported to typically bypass a PR review when disseminating his thoughts online, a practice that invariably invites a certain level of risk and spontaneity to his posts.

Two key industry contacts, Nick Hausman and Bryan Alvarez, have intimated a collective sentiment among wrestling insiders regarding Khan’s online antics: a plea for someone to gently pry the phone from his grasp. Alvarez underscores that the responses received from contacts in the wrestling domain suggest an overarching wish for some sort of intervention in Khan’s digital communications.

In this robust climate of wrestling rivalries and digital dialogues, one thing is for certain: the backstage reactions to Tony Khan’s social media endeavors have shone a spotlight firmly on the behind-the-scenes dynamics, not just between WWE and AEW, but within the organizations themselves, creating a spectacle that draws fans and critics alike into the unfolding saga.

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